5 Best Vacuums for Stairs 2020 (Comparison, Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

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Best Vacuum for Stairs 2020 Reviews – (Updated List)

Detailed Review of Best vacuums for Stairs

After a lot of research we have here gathered the list and details of the five best vacuum cleaners for Stairs.

We have also mentioned a detailed buying guide that will help you in making a selection while you are at the shop. So let’s begin.

#1 Shark Navigator NV360 – Best Vacuum for Stairs 2020 :

Shark Vacuums are one of the top-notch quality vacuum at a reasonable price and comes with superb features. It is my favorite one because of its Anti-Allergan seal technology and HEPA filters that make it the most convenient one of all. It helps remove dangerous bacteria, allergens, and bacteria from the air. Cleaning the Shark Navigator’s filter is also easier with water. Once the filter dries, it is ready for the job again. A large dust cup in this vacuum ensures that more dirt can be trapped inside requiring cleaning less occasionally.

Quick Features


  • Uninterrupted suction power
  • Large dirt cup
  • Maintains air standard
  • Light in weight
  • Easily directed
  • Cleans small things like pet hair
  • Affordable

  • Cord length is shorter
  • The brush roll is unable to clean large pet hair


#2 Miele Compact c2 Electro+ Canister:

This vacuum is known to perform its duty very efficiently. It will work equally well on carpeted stairs as well as hardwood flooring. Two flooring and three cleaning attachments are there to help you clean the carpets deeply. However, my advice is not to use the powerful floorhead attachments on soft carpets.

The other flooring attachments is very useful as it works efficiently on hard surfaces, corners or other places where it is difficult to reach. The Miele is a compact, narrow design vacuum and is easy to move. The excellent performance and superb quality rank it second-best in my list.

Quick Features

  • Six settings making customization easier
  • 9 stage filter system to ensure cleaning
  • Easier in use
  • Retractable cord
  • Useful attachments- 2 floorings, 3 cleaning
  • Covers a large cleaning radius i.e. 33 foot

  • Very noisy
  • Slightly more in weight
  • A bit expensive


#3 Dyson V8 – Best Upright Option:

In all the cordless vacuums, this one is my first choice. You can also use it with a cord but many people using it cordless because it is then easier to move. The attached shaft will make it easier for you to clean floors and ceilings. When it gives the cordless mode, it must have a large battery, and this is ensured by Dyson. V8 comes with 40 mins of battery power but practically you will get 25 mins of usage if you select to work with the motorized brush.
A direct-drive cleaner and soft roller cleaner head in combination with rigid crevice and mini motorized brush tool come with this vacuum as attachments. The motorized brush tool is ideal for stair cleaning because it will ensure it cleans without your force needed for it. Thus, these tools help you a lot with cleaning.

Quick Features

  • 25-40 mins battery
  • Many tools for cleaning
  • HEPA filters
  • Mini motorized brush for stairs cleaning
  • Very quiet during work

  • Very expensive because of battery feature


#4 Bissell 1985:

If you want a light in weight stairs vacuum, then this one should be your first choice. It is so light in weight that you can clean the whole home without causing any back pain. Being cordless means adding more ease in your job. Without looking for cords all the time, you can focus more on the cleaning. Being highly portable means that carrying this vacuum cleaner is easy. The attachments that Bissell offers with this vacuum includes an extension hose, motorized brush, and a crevice tool.
The motorized brush is not only helpful in cleaning pet hairs but also very useful on carpeted stairs. The dustbin that is attached to the vacuum can be detached easily. Above all, this one is quite affordable for your pocket.

Quick Features

  • Cordless
  • Portable solution for your cleaning problems
  • Helpful attachments
  • Very light in weight
  • Easy on budget

  • Bin capacity is small
  • The battery only works for 15 mins


#5 Eureka Easy Clean:

You need a lightweight vacuum for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and floors. This Eureka Easy clean should be your favorite vacuum because of its lightweight and two motors. One of them is for the brush tool while others serve the function of the suction. The onboard creative tools enable you to do the job easily. The stretchable hose gives you access to even the hard to reach places, so you clean them easily.
The Riser Visor system of this vacuum enables it to work in both vertical and horizontal directions, so you get more cleaning. The filter is washable. You just need to detach, wash and reattach once it is dry. The 20-foot cord ensures you can clean the whole room through it without changing cords.


Quick Features

  • 20-foot long cord
  • Do cleaning in both directions i.e. vertical and horizontal
  • Not expensive
  • Quiet
  • The dust cup is easy to empty

  • Warranty can be claimed only for the first year



Whenever we are cleaning the home, we ignore the stairs. The reason is that cleaning them is very difficult. On the other hand, they are used more than anything else and catch dirt easily. This creates the need for a vacuum for your stairs so you can clean them easily.
However, you need to look closer to the specs side of different vacuums to decide the best one for stairs. The quality, features, and performance metrics for vacuums for stairs differ slightly from a regular one.
The given buying guide will enable you to learn what are the key things to look in a vacuum when you intend to buy it for stairs cleaning.

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Selecting a vacuum for your stairs is very easy when you know what to look at in a specific item. It saves, your time because you know about the factors that matter most. This buying guide contains all the features that are important in a good vacuum for stairs. It covers:

  • Type of vacuum
  • Size
  • Bag or bagless
  • Filter
  • Cord or cordless
  • Noisy or quiet
  • Attachments
  • Suction power
  • Time
  • Weight
  • Warranty

1. Type of vacuum:

The type of vacuum will decide about all your experience with that vacuum. They come in several types and each one has its strong areas and purposes for which they are intended. Common types that you will come across are:
Upright vacuum: As the name suggests, this one is vertical. Bending is not required when working on it. They are widely used by users because it ensures that no back pain will be caused. If you want a vacuum for cleaning the carpets deeply, you should select this one.
Canister vacuum: For this article, I will recommend this category of vacuums. They are perfect for usage on stairs because they can clean every surface precisely and will work well even on hard tiles. While upright ones are heavy and noisy, these are quieter and light in weight.
Handheld vacuum: This one is the master in cleaning the stairs. If you need one only for stairs, go for it. These are very small, and you can easily carry them anywhere. For a small area like stairs or room corners, they are a blessing. They come in two types i.e. corded and cordless. Their differences are described in this buying guide.
Stick vacuum: If you are cleaning a small area, a stick vacuum is the best for you. They are small but have a long cylindrical stick that means you can’t bend using it. Since they are light in weight, you can use for cleaning stairs, carpets, and smooth floors. Not only is the body small but their dust containers are also small so less dust can be kept trapped in them. Not suitable for larger areas as you must clean the dust container continuously.
Central vacuum: These vacuums are different that others mentioned in the list. They are installed in one place and you are not required to move them from one place to another. A proper system of vacuum cleaning is installed on the walls. It transfers the dust from all heads to the container where it is trapped. Cleaning different surfaces is easier.
Stick vacuum: They are small and serves as a quick option for cleaning the stairs. When you know that guests are coming within 15 mins and you are running out of the time, a stick vacuum will come to your rescue. They are not very efficient as they only clean bare floors and low pile carpets. However, they are fast and will save, your time.

2. Size Of Vacuum Cleaner:

After you had decided about the type of vacuum, you need to investigate the size of the vacuum. It plays a major role because, in the end, you know about your usage. General vacuums are larger because they are made to perform all tasks. On the other hand, a vacuum for stairs is smaller.

This makes handling and carrying easier and you can do the hard job of stairs cleaning without worrying about handling issues. Reaching to small areas is easier with it. You can learn more about sizes in the type of vacuums section.


This is a small yet important factor to consider in a vacuum. Once the vacuum picks the dust, it is sent to the back where either a bag is attached or a bin. Many people prefer bin because it is easy to clean. You just detach the bin, clean it, dry it and reattach it and the machine is ready for work.

However, in smaller apartments where you have no space to clean the bin frequently or suffer from allergies, you will opt for the bag. This is an expensive method because a bag needs to be replaced with a new one after it gets filled. Therefore, people prefer vacuums with bins unless they are left with no other choice than to use the bag.

4. FILTER of Vacuum Cleaner:

They come in two ways i.e. permanent and detachable filters. You can rinse the detachable filter with water, and it will be clean again. However, this is not the topic of discussion here. Filters in vacuums come in two categories. The first one is HEPA filters while the second category of filters is HEPA-like. People prefer HEPA filters and many latest models use it. They are expensive but are a lifeline for people that suffer from allergies. HEPA filters add to your safety from bacteria, allergens, and pathogens because they clean the air for you.
Some local brands try to provide HEPA filters at a cheap price. Thus, they attempt to give you a HEPA-like filter. You must not confuse these two because the latter doesn’t work the same as the former. Always insist on HEPA filters because they worth spending money.


In many electronics, this feature is easily ignored and doesn’t create any problem. However, when you are looking for a vacuum for stairs, you must decide about it. A corded vacuum is preferred only when you have a connection available near the stairs. Even then you need to ensure that the vacuum comes with a long cord or a stretchable hose. This will ensure that you clean the stairs without a problem.
In many cases, we don’t have an electric connection in stairs, and buying a corded vacuum will cause severe problems in the future. In this case, cordless vacuums come to the rescue because they can be used anywhere without any hassle. Just make sure that the battery timing is enough for you to complete the cleaning because it can’t be left in between. Many brands attempt to reduce costs by fitting small batteries that will cause problems for you in the long run.


Either you admit it or not, noise is the main reason why people leave vacuums on second or third preference when they are exploring their cleaning options. You need to carefully look at this option. No one loves the noise, but the noisy ones are very effective. There are many quiet vacuums in the market, but the noise is still leading the industry with more efficient cleaning.
If you live in an open area, where noise is not an issue for you; I will recommend you go for the machines that make mild noise. They will do the perfect cleaning for you. However, if you live in a small or congested house, then you must opt for a quiet vacuum and compromise on other features. You will still find some best vacuums like Dyson or Eureka.

7. ATTACHMENTS of Vacuum Cleaner:

Accessories play a vital role when you are selecting a vacuum for stairs cleaning purposes. Many latest vacuums come with stair tools and you must opt for them because they ensure that you can clean the stairs without any problem.
Stair tools include crevice, flex service, turbo brush, upholstery attachment, and dust brush. They will make it very easier to clean hard to reach places because they are specifically designed for this job. If you ignore these attachments, you will find it difficult to clean stairs. Almost all the vacuums mentioned in this list come with stair tools.

8. SUCTION POWER of Vacuum Cleaner:

The suction power is the most critical part of any vacuum cleaner as it is solely responsible for taking the electricity and converting it into mechanical force. It then flows the air and helps in cleaning. There is a large variety in this feature, and it will decide about the efficiency of your device. The more the better is the rule. High suction power will solve your headache by doing different tasks easily
If your vacuum has high suction power, it means that it will clean the space efficiently and you are not required to place the vacuum in the same place twice. On the other hand, vacuums with low suction powers require more effort. However, suction power alone is not responsible for all the work. A device with lower suction power but good quality attachments will also ensure that you perform hectic tasks easily.

9. TIME:

Critical, more critical and most critical. Yes, this one is very important as it will translate how you will work with your device in the future. If you are a busy person and left less time for cleaning purposes, you need a device that is fast in the job to save you time. There are many features that you should consider for timesaving.
The first debate is to either opt for cordless or a corded vacuum. People select a cordless version because it means easily moving to anywhere you want. However, many vacuums in the market have very limited batteries and they will be hectic to manage. If you find a vacuum, like Dyson V8, then you must go for it because it has a large battery. However, I will advise going for a corded machine if it offers you a large cord. A large cord will ensure you save the time of changing the switch connections and on the other hand, enable you to clean the stairs without worrying about battery life.
You should also consider dust cups of the vacuum in your selection criteria. A smaller cup means that you will need to detach and attach it quite often and more time will be lost. On the other hand, larger dust cup means that you will clean all the space and clean the cup only one time in the end.

10. WEIGHT of Vacuum Cleaner:

Weight plays an important part in your selection. You need a vacuum for stairs cleaning means you will be carrying it up and down frequently. Handheld vacuums need to be carried all the time. If you buy a heavy vacuum, it will cause many problems especially pain in back and shoulders. Light in weight vacuums is needed for stair cleaning.
However, old vacuums had a major problem. If you opt for light in weight vacuum, you must compromise on the quality of cleaning. On the other hand, powerful vacuums were hard to carry especially on the stairs. The choice was very difficult until the latest cleaners came out. With the recent technology, your light in the weight vacuum will clean the stairs as efficiently as the heavy one.

11. WARRANTY of Vacuum Cleaner:

Some good companies provide only a one-year warranty like the Eureka vacuum mentioned in this list. Many users dislike it because the vacuum is a one-time investment for them. You need to ensure that you are on the safer side by demanding a device that comes with at least 3 years warranty. A larger warranty also ensures that the product is of good quality because a company will never risk its business. More warranty claims mean more loss.

The longer warranty period is suitable for many users. However, always double-check about what things are included in the warranty. With this detailed discussion, let us move towards the top 5 best vacuum for stairs 2020. Apply all the knowledge you got from the buying guide and select one that best suits you.

COMPARISON And Final Choice of Editor:

These were the five best vacuums for stair cleaning. Each of them is the best one in its category. The Shark Navigator is good if you want deep cleaning at an affordable price. If you want a high-end vacuum with excellent functionality, then you must go for Miele compact c2. Dyson V8 must be your first choice if you are looking for cordless cleaners. In low budget vacuums, Bissell comes cordlessly while Eureka comes with a cord. You must opt for the one that fits your needs.
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