8 Best Vacuums for Long Pile Shag Carpets Reviewed-2020

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Dissimilar to all other sorts of flooring, shag carpets offer a feel and look different from everything. Long pile carpets are also having some particular requirements for cleaning.

These are the needs that can be varied from one type of shag to another one and you can also get to know that the vacuum you currently using might be is not functional or ineffective. Here today we have set out all the best vacuums for long pile shag carpets with all the whistles and bells on.

We have tested and review a big range of canister and upright vacuums that range from pocket friendly models that are less pricey than $100 to the top highest point. After our testing, the result we got is the potential choice of products.

Your budget does not matters whether you are a student or a homeowner, by this list you will get the best option that assures to keep your shag clean and tidy. Without more additional, here we are mentioning the top 8 vacuums for shag carpets available on the market.

You will not just get to know about good variety and price but the set of features are also great. Each of the product mentioned on this list is great and provides perfect suction and most of the vacuums allows you to adjust the pressure based on the rug you own. The products are;

Detailed Review of Best Vacuums for Long Pile Shag Carpets 

Welcome to our detailed review on vacuums for long pile shag carpets.

We are going to compare best vacuums for long pile shag carpets and guide you about which one is good, bad and what should you expect from each vacuums for long pile shag carpets.

We will start with number one pick, each tangle free hair vacuum here is incredible.

1. Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

Top Features

  • It has an adjustable vent that makes this vacuum easy use on thick shag rugs or carpets.
  • It has a specialized brush roller that is soft and effective in a way like an upholstery attachment.
  • Its oversized wheels enable the vacuum to sit instead of in the carpet.

This upright vacuum from Soniclean is the ideal thing as best vacuum for shag carpets. Maybe the average customers consider it as an expensive vacuum, but this investment will be worthiest. Generally, its build quality is perfect and most probably and crucially it is simple and easy to use.

If you ever experienced vacuuming a shag carpet with a traditional vacuum, then you would already know how hassling it is. Most probably, the vacuum will get stuck and you have to move it back and forth. In regard for getting the most suitable vacuums for your shag carpet, this upright got some considerable changes.

Its design is quite lighter in weight and it is only 10.5 pounds. The unit also got extra large wheels that makes the movement easy and also not allows the vacuum to sink to into the carpet. There is also a vent in the front side of the head of vacuum.

Its patented EZ push system features the vacuum as aerodynamic and mitigates with notable resistance you would generally get in deal to. Its action of vacuuming is also quite great. it gets about 200 sonic vibration in a second. This actually gets done the perfect work of disrupting all the filth particles that get into the thick shag carpets. It comes with digitally controlled motor.

It provides with a deep cleaning mode specifically for soiled carpets. There is also an additional quiet mode that is good for normal carpets and also for hardwood floors. Upright also gives medical grade HEPA filter bags, which excludes for about 100 percent of all particles down to 0.3 microns.

The issue we only felt with this vacuum is with its adjustable from vent that makes this unit easy moving. There are some users who complained that their unit comes with a fixed vent. Others also complained that the vent is easily breakable and requires to get removed or jury rigged. However, according to us the vent is an essential aspect for adjustability feature.

  • It is easy to use
  • It has strong suction
  • It has extra deep carpet cleaning mode

  • Its front vent could be improved


2. Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet Vacuum:

Top Features

  • It offers you adjustable suction along with its conveniently put footswitches.
  • It has an electric power brush supported with a bar that tends to shorten or extends for about five stages.
  • It comes with a motor protection filter and a pre bag HEPA filter too.

Maybe you already know that Miele comes among the names of oldest and most admired vacuums. This C3 is an inspiring machine and simply our second choice for those customers who need a vacuum for long pile shag carpets. If the price would not be an issue, then this C3 would be our top priority.

However, the cost is really an issue because an average customer would never go for paying a lot of bucks just for a vacuum cleaner. Is its cost worth it? According to us, it is. If you are planning to get the arguably best vacuum for thick carpets along with willing to invest enough for long term then Miele C3 is the perfect option to go for.

Its unit got two heads. One of its electro brush heads includes five height adjustments and it works good with all the standard carpets including soft and high pile carpets. You will also get a floor head that is liable to get swivels of 180 degrees.

This head is perfect for hardwood floor and functions in a way like an upholstery attachments for certain push rugs. The Miele vortex motor makes its suction strong. This also enables you to increase or decrease the suction with the use of footswitches pair. We found this the most convenient while the vacuum of challenging carpets and rugs.

The only issue we felt about C3 is its attachments that are small or not good. Some of its reviews have complained about additional payments for attachment replacements.

  • It is versatile
  • It has superior filtration
  • It has adjustable footswitches

  • It is costly
  • It comes with lackluster attachments.


3. Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 Upright Bagless Vacuum:

Top Features

  • It has excellent suction in terms of price value.
  • It is a bagless design supported with a dust cup and a filter that’s machine washable.
  • It comes with brush roller shutoff along with suction level that’s adjustable.

For the value, this vacuum is best consideration for shag carpets. Most of the time this vacuum is available on sale for petty then 100$ and does not even cost a lot more without sale. Its reputation is because of its exceptional quality suction. Its default suction is enough for most of the soft carpets and you have to adjust it yourself.

Its ability to get adjusted from strong to mild suction makes it a flexible investment. It is ideal for shag carpets and you can easily use it on other sort of carpets and rugs too. However, it is not a great deal for most of its users. It could be better with an anti allergy option.

Moreover, pet parents should also consider that this vacuum is having a roller unable to remove and this is actually a real obstacle because it will collect the dog hairs and you have to clean that. But there is an additional brush for pet power that can eliminate this of your issue. But definitely it will increase your cost.

  • It has great value
  • Its dust cup offers easy cleaning
  • It has crevice and brush tool.

  • It has a roller that’s non removable.
  • There is no option for HEPA.


4. Oreck Magnesium Upright LW1500RS Bagged Vacuum:

Top Features

  • Its slim design enables it to maneuver easily.
  • It is able to get flat to clean under the bed areas and it gets perfect fit for baseboards.
  • Its roller gains 7200 revolutions in a minute on its high setting.

Its unique design actually makes it the best vacuum for shag rugs. But it may not matter if you have shag in an open space. It will be an excellent choice if you have to deal with furniture, corners, and baseboards. Its machine’s maneuverability is great.

At its highest setting, its suction is strongest. It is integrated with its QuickSwitch that’s right into the handle that makes you easy to adjust the suction on the fly while working. It is quite lighter, just 8 pound. This makes it one of the lightest vacuums.

However, it is costly for what its offering. It’s given headlamp is worthless. These are the things that can be spent better anywhere else. It has quite big wheels that do not allow it to get under couches and beds.

  • It has an action of rigorous vacuuming
  • Its unique in design
  • It comes with HEPA inner bag

  • It has a gimmick headlamp
  • Its wheels are disrupting


5. Electrolux UltraFlex EL4335A Canister Vacuum:

Top Features

  • It has an adjustment of three level height along with its roller with an on and off switch
  • Its brush roll itself cleans and removes all the tangles with a button touch
  • Its adjustable suction enables the cleaning easy for shag, curtains and other such things too.

If you like the vacuum Miele C3 but get off minded because of its cost, so consider this Electrolux UltraFlex because it is its tempting alternative. It comes with a similar design but the price is about a third piece of that.

Electrolux is one of the famous names in terms of vacuums. It provides a great suction with its UltraFlex that’s adjustable so allows you to use it on your shag and your entire home. This vacuum also provides the best cleaning roller that itself works in the market. Its self cleaning feature can be annoyance prompt, but this exclusive approach is really working well.

We also like that this vacuum contains a HEPA filter that you can simply wash. Maybe this is a bit inconvenient but a good option for budget conscious people. It includes a five year warranty period too. Its dust cup is also exclusive in design. It is easily accessible, replaceable, and can empty and it does not get marketed as this of its feature as an anti allergy.

It comes with tight sealing that only controls over dust escaping. However, the issues we found are, its balance is not accurate and makes it a bit awkward. Its build quality is high but some parts seems to be cheap.

  • It is a bagless design
  • It comes with a HEPA filter that’s washable
  • It has a roller that’s self cleaning

  • It is out of balance
  • Cheap build in some parts


6. Kenmore Elite Canister Vacuum Cleaner Ultra Plush Nozzle:

Top Features

  • Its canister design is bagged that’s ideal for shags, hardwood, linoleum, and garage floors too.
  • The system of proprietary grip makes the vacuuming of stairs easier.
  • Its adjustable wands of telescoping can extend in length for about 10 feet.

Usually, Kenmore gets associated with vacuums but the company also makes strides, which is another great success. This vacuum also got canister design similar to the Electrolux and Miele models but this one is much cheaper and this makes it a good option for the people tight on budget.

This is a phenomenal vacuum regarding its suction and filtration and for the value it offers. It also comes with HEPA filter. Moreover, it comes with a pet attachment that’s motorized handheld and makes it simple and easy for cleaning out the dander from the upholstery. Its stair grip system is something best we came to know.

It makes the vacuuming of stairs the most convenient. That’s obvious that it won’t be the considerable selling point if your main focus is high pile shag vacuum. Its issues includes its weight that 22 poundthe head it contains is also tricky to push onto the thicker size shag rugs that are deal breaking on the basis of certain type of shag you own.

  • It has a system of two motors
  • It comes with pet attachments that are motorized
  • It has gripping system for stairs

  • It’s quite weighty, 22 pounds
  • At times its hurdling to push


7. Hoover T Series Upright Corded Vacuum Cleaner:

Top Features

  • It has permanent standard and HEPA filters that are rinse and cleanable too
  • It comes with an 8 inch stretch hose along with some easy to use attachments
  • It has a clever no scuff bumper that secures the baseboards and furniture

Actually, Hoover is an ultimate brand of vacuum. Recently this brand is getting known for designing some reasonable products. This vacuum is one of such kind. The price of this vacuum is phenomenal in terms of its suction, easiness to use, quality of build, permanent filters, no scuff guard, and much more.

The design head is also balanced and acquires large sized wheels. However, its roller is not having an on and off option so note that get the one according to the type of shag you own. Its biggest drawback is that it easily get clogs, pet parents are warned. If you are having a dog that has a habit to shed quite enough then choose something else. But for others its completely fine. Its indicators are good but a bit irritating because the way its aggressive.

  • It has 25 foot cord that’s supported with rewind
  • It has an indicator with HEPA filter
  • It also has turbo tool powered by air

  • It easily get clogs
  • Indicators irritates because its aggressive


8. Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum:

Top Features

  • It has potent suction that is great for shag along with floors.
  • Its variable suction control enables you to dial in accurate strength.
  • It has rapid automatic cord storage that’s get activated with touch button.

Bissell Zing is the cheapest vacuum here in our list but it has some drawbacks. Overall, it is a fantastic vacuum for the value its offering. It is something best to consider for shag according to your budget. It acquires canister design that’s the point where vacuum head and telescoping wand gets associated to the base through the hose.

You can yourself set the base upright or flat, and it just got five pounds and acquires a handle, you will be carrying it with you easily. Note this that this isn’t a bagless unit. This could be an addition for the ones who do not like bagless.

But keep in mind that this will increase the total cost of ownership for long term. Its drawbacks are the attachment system and the point of vacuum clogging. Note it that this is not a vacuum suitable for pet owners because their pet sheds.. Also, it will be hurdling for those who uses attachments daily.

  • It has variable and potential suction
  • It comes with faster cord rewind
  • It is lighter in weight

  • Its attachment system is weird
  • It can easily clogs


Considerable Factors Before Choosing the Best Vacuum for Shag Carpets:

For making the best purchase for your shag carpets, you should have clear understanding of your needs and demands. To help you in that case, here we have mentioned the most considerable factors to choose the best shag carpet vacuum.

1. Shape and Size:

The two main options for shag carpet are canister and upright. For this consider your environment and your vacuum preference. Canister models are more versatile and easier for using at irregular and crowded places. The upright models are faster for short rugs and wide spaces.

2. Cleaning and Bags:

You may know about the thing permanent and rinse able filters. Cleaning the filter regularly could be a bit hassling. Regarding this, discarding and installing the bag is quite simple. But the bagless filters are cost effective to have for longevity.

3. Weight:

The one exception is that most of the shag vacuums in our list are lighter in weight. Actually the best vacuums are lightweight. It is because they are easy to carry around and can clean upstairs. Also, consider your environment while buying. Note that a 15 to 20 pound vacuum would be a big inconvenience in most of the homes.

4. Suction Power:

Our suggestion is to get strong suction for deep cleaning and that’s essential with the shag thing. You may note that all the top quality vacuums for shag carpets with middling to low suction are deal breaker. Moreover, we also say that get strong vacuum along with adjustable suction as it becomes handy. Also note that the highest suction is also improper for all the shag types.

5. Cleaning Mechanism:

Most of the thick carpet vacuums available do acquire self cleaning mechanism. These could be gimmicks in some of the instances but could be inspiring is the rest. Everyone knows that tech has covered a long way like the rollers that detangle themselves automatically. So, consider all your cleaning needs while making a purchase on vacuum cleaner for shag carpets.

Final Words:

These are all the best vacuums according to us for shag carpet cleaning. Consider all the top factors while making a purchase as its essential to get the best one for long lasting use.

It is only possible if you buy the one most suitable for you because it will be able to fulfill all your requirements promptly. Always make your investment well worth for you. Get anyone of the vacuum from our list but assure to note its features and mechanism to make it a perfect investment for you.

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