8 best college dorm rooms Vacuums for 2020

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The schedules of College can be full of chaos in which you may be totally engrossed in taking classes, busy in social activities or perhaps busy in your job or training. This then leaves almost little or no time for the cleaning at all. If you have the best and top-rated vacuum, it will help, you clean the dorm rooms more quickly, and you can therefore focus much more on your studies and other essential things of your university or college elements.

Down below, we will be discussing more about vacuums, which are good and perfect for the dorm rooms. Therefore, it is imperative to explore the reviews comprehensively for you to easily compare each and every model.

It will help you make sure that you are well aware of all the important information for making the best choice.  After having reviewed the quick features, you will learn more about how each vacuum differs from the other one through evaluating the pros and the cons.

In addition, through this, you can easily identify what makes a vacuum peculiar as compared to the other one. In the end, you will decide with ease, which vacuum to go for in order to keep your dorm nice and tidy.

Best Vacuum for College Dorm Room Reviewed – (8 Top Picks):

We have listed the best-college dorm room vacuum that lets you to have clean and healthy home or place.

Here is a comparison between the top eight selected college dorm room vacuum in the list:

Shark Navigator NV356E30 feet cordHEPA filter, Bagless13.7 lbsCheck Price
Black+Decker BDH2020FLCordlessThree-stage filtration3.2 lbsCheck Price
VonHaus 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner19.5-foot cordHEPA filtration5.6 lbsCheck Price
Bissell 9595A 25-foot cordCyclonic filtration15 lbsCheck Price
Eureka 3670G 20-foot cordAuto shut-off9 lbsCheck Price
Hoover Cruise BH52210PC CordlessMulti-floor capabilities4.7 lbsCheck Price
Eureka NES210 18-foot cord3-In-1 design4 lbsCheck Price
Dirt Devil UD70172 15.1 poundsCheck Price

#1 Shark Navigator NV356E:


  • It includes an anti-Allergen seal Technology along with a HEPA filter that traps 99.9 per cent of dust inside the vacuum.
  • Has a versatile weight of 13.7 pounds making it lightweight and portable
  • Have an added feature of brush roll shutoff, making it best for carpets and bare floor cleaning.
  • Has the dust cup capacity of 2.2 quarts.
  • It also comes with a 30-foot long power cord

This Shark Navigator has the ability to not only keep the air clean but also floors clean too due to their HEPA filter in it. This is because their filter traps all allergens or dust particles inside the vacuum almost 99 per cent. To enhance and improve the trapping of dust particles and impurities, they have anti-allergen complete seal technology.

For the areas, which are even harder to reach there, is a feature called lift-away technology. You can easily use this feature through a push button by which the canister will be lifted for enabling the flexibility where will the vacuum fit exactly. It is perfect for the stairs due to its lightweight of just 15 pounds, making it easier and requiring almost little effort and work to lift it. 

There is also a brush roll shutoff feature, which ensures the deep cleaning for thick carpeting. Through this deeper cleaning, it is made possible for sucking any dirt, which is being pushed down for quite a long time. With the push of this button, cleaning is made easy of hard floors and carpets through moving back and forth. 

The warranty covered in this model of dorm vacuum is very limited though. It includes only the main unit and does not cover any damage caused due to wear and tear issue. This is to make sure that the model or unit you are having is in totally good condition, and if not working, good can be replaced through the warranty option. The maintenance of this model of dorm vacuum is very easy.

It is a good deal for the students who have limited or less time for all these types of chores. The parts such as pre-motor felts, and the foam filters should be washed every three months. If maintained well HEPA filter will work at an optimum level. Also then, the filters will need to be washed after every two years have been passed.

  • Ideal for use on hard floors and carpets.
  • Suction power is very strong
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maintenance and cleaning easier
  • Efficiently collects pet hair

  • Rotating brushes slows down with time
  • Quite heavier


#2 Black+Decker BDH2020FL:


  • Features lithium technology for high suction
  • 3 stage filtration process
  • It is cordless and bag-less
  • The item weight is just 3.2lbs
  • HAs a flexible 4-foot hose
  • Easy to empty and washbowl

This model of Black+Decker is the most suitable second best option since it has highly versatile features along with a good cleaning action. Besides, it has the ability to pick up even the small particles such as pet hair and debris. It has been made possible only due to the strong suction and fade-free power feature.

There is also an added feature of special pet hairbrush that allows to loosen up the dust from the floor for the floor to suck it up easily. Its attachment is easier too, which allows you to attach the part in seconds while you are doing the cleaning. The other attachments that come with this are the nozzle brush, charging base and a crevice tool.

The feature of the hose extension allows you to do the cleaning of the floor to the ceiling of the dorm with ease. It has an effective 3-stage filtration process that prevents the escape of dust particles.

The cleaning is easier too as just the filter and the bowl are to be removed from the vacuum and are to be cleaned with the help of soapy water only. This vacuum is cordless and therefore very convenient for the dorm room itself, so it makes you independent of the length of the cord. However, you just need to ensure that you are charging it full time so that you can use it throughout the cleaning session.

However, the warranty period is for a period of two years, which includes coverage of all the defects pertaining to materials and workmanship. This is just to ensure that you get the vacuum repaired or replaced if you face any issue related to dropping etc. However, the issues covering any accidental damage and breakage are not covered though.

  • Best for pet hair and small debris
  • Thinner nozzle for tight corners
  • Lightweight

  • Short battery life


#3 VonHaus 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner:


  • Bag-less vacuum with 1.3L tank and weighs just 5.6lbs
  • It has an extendable handle
  • Lockable filtration system
  • Highly efficient brushes
  • Crevice tool to reach tight areas

This 2 in 1stick and handheld vacuum cleaner has the suction power of 130 air watts. This is to ensure consistency even at the time you are using the vacuum for the longer period making sure no dust particles are left behind. You can also make use of the extension tube of this dorm vacuum at the time when you are doing standard floor cleaning in an upright position or either tackling the handheld cleaning.

This dorm vacuum has a capacity of 1.3 liters for holding up the dust and dirt. The cleaning is even easier too, which can be done by detaching the canister to empty it up and then rinsing later on. There is also an extension of the handle, which can help you to maneuver the dorm vacuum in order to clean under beds parts.

You can even make use of the crevice tool to clean the tight corners of the room to remove dirt and debris. There are some other attachments too that comes with this machine includes a hose adapter, a shoulder strap and a small brush attachment too. Due to an effective filtration system, smaller dust particles cannot escape. In fact, it sucks and picks everything so that the air and the floors are clean for the regular usage of this vacuum.

  • Lighter in weight
  • Powerful suction
  • Easier to use on hardwood flooring

  • The base of the vacuum could also separate from the bottom


#4 Bissell 9595A:


  • Lightweight with powerful design
  • Multi-cyclonic provides powerful suction
  • Motorized Turbo Brush tool
  • The filter is washable
  • The power cord 25 foot for extended cleaning
  • Large capacity tank

This bag-less Bissell 9595A model is one of the best ones as it does not only clean different types of floors, but you can also make use of it on upholstery too. There is a Turbo Brush tool, which cleans furniture, non-floor objects and even can be used on stairs.
In order for you to just use the vacuum above the spot only once and do effective cleaning of the area, the brushes are designed innovatively.

However, the level of suction is reliable but still powerful enough due to cyclonic filtration process, which can suck even the tiniest particle easily. The tank can also be cleaned with ease since it can be pulled from dorm vacuum easily; thus, you can with ease empty the tank multiple times.

But do clean the tank with soapy water before placing it back. The filter also called foam tank filter is also washable with water and soap. Make use of the six-inch tube for cleaning up the tight places like corners along the walls. This is just to make sure that no dirt has been left behind.

This highest quality vacuum has a limited warranty of two years, which includes replacement and repair due to malfunctioning or the parts, which are defective.

  • Efficient and powerful suction
  • One time cleaning for every section
  • Easier to maintain and even clean

  • Bad hose quality.


#5 Eureka 3670G:


  • 20-foot cord for extended and full room cleaning
  • Lightweight makes it easier to carry
  • Dust bad comes out easily

This model of Eureka 3670G is one of the powerful vacuum for dorm rooms regardless of being lightweight and easier to be used. It uses 10 amps, which is minimal, making sure that enough power is there for the cleaning no matter if the mess present is too much.

As it is compact and small, it literally fits into every type of dorm room drawer or closet, so you do not have to save a larger area for it to keep it. Cleaning is easier too as it simply needs the dumping of the dirt and dust from the dust bag ensuring the vacuum is ready for next use in no time.

This vacuum also has the blow outer port, which means you can use this as a blower machine too. For easier control and usage operation, there is a power touch in the handle, making it convenient for you to control the vacuum with the help of your fingers. You can also have a choice between either the deluxe floor brush or the option of bare-floor nozzle depending on the type of cleaning needs.

The most Phenomenal feature of this particular dorm vacuum is its automatic shutting off on getting hot. This ensures that the motor is protected if there any damage related to accidental overheating.

This product has a very limited warranty period of just 1 year covering material and workmanship issues. The warranty period starts right after the date the product is bought.

  • Ideal for pet hair and dust particles
  • Lighter in weight
  • Easy cleaning

  • Hose quality not good


#6 Hoover Cruise BH52210PC:


  • Weighs only 4.7lbs
  • Has the capability of multi-floor cleaning
  • Has the attachment of Upholstery tool and Wall mount bracket
  • It is steerable and maneuvers around the furniture

This cordless BH52210PC is very light in weight and too much easy to maneuver. This has been made possible by the absence of the cord; thus, you will not be bound and restricted.

If you want the cleaning of the floor or the furniture or upholstery, then you have the choice to remove the handheld part. You can easily make use of the pole part to clean under the beds or the furniture of the similar type or even vacuum the areas that are a bit high like ceiling fans or high shelves.

This kind of dorm vacuum can be used on multiple types of surfaces either it is hardwood surface or if its high-pile like carpets you can use anywhere with ease. There will not be any scratches on the hardwood floors after usage.

The battery for this vacuum is longer as compared to others, which will help you to pass through the cleaning process before the battery goes off. In addition, whenever you are prepared to clean the vacuum for this, the dirt cup is released very quickly, which can help you can throw away the contents.

It is very easier to store and place due to its small and compact size. It can also be hanged on the top of the wall saving you precious space in the mini dorm room.

This machine comes with many attachments for efficient cleaning. It all depends on the type of cleaning; you are doing at a particular moment you have the choice to pick from the variety of tools. There is a crevice tool, dusting brush and even upholstery tool offering you loads of options.

This machine comes with a two-year warranty period covering the main and primary components. It also covers for any premature early failure and defects too.

  • Powerful suction
  • Fast charging
  • Efficient for tight and cornered areas cleaning.

  • Short battery life.


#7 Eureka NES210:


  • Has 3 in 1 versatile feature from the stair, stick to a hand vacuum
  • 18ft long power cord makes it easier to clean wall to wall
  • It is bag-less and equipped with capture nozzle for larger particles

This Eureka 3 -in -1 model as its name suggests has the design that has the crevice tool in it. Again, this added feature helps in cleaning of the tight corners ensuring no dirt and debris is left. This dorm room vacuum can be used for various floor types such as hard floors, carpets and rugs.

It has the feature of swivel steering for the easy maneuverability. This also ensures that the cleaning is done faster regardless of any odd angles or the hurdles you have to pass through while doing the cleaning.

The presence of capture nozzle tool attachment helps in maintaining the level of section same as exactly as the base unit. It easily picks up small debris and pet hair. To ensure the power is reliable, it includes a two-amp power motor no matter how long-duration you are being using the dorm vacuum.

The filtration system of this vacuum is washable keeping the air and floor clean. The dust and dirt particles once picked up remains inside the vacuum rather being released into the atmosphere again. The dust cup contains everything that is picked up. Therefore, to dump out the contents of the cup just remove the dust cup and throw away the dust and dirt particles so that it is clean and ready for next use.

The packaging of the vacuum is safe environmentally. In addition, it is frustration-free, in addition, which makes it quite easier to remove the packaging from the vacuum once the machine arrives.
The warranty for this dorm vacuum is very limited though. The vacuum company will do the replacement only if found any part or vacuum to be defective. The refunds are not entertained at all.

  • Light in weight
  • Best for hardwood flooring

  • Too high suction level for rugs with thin areas.


#8 Dirt Devil UD70172:


  • Has 25-foot long power cord for easier cleaning
  • Has a cyclonic filtration system for strong suction
  • It is bag-less
  • Equipped with 8ft extended hose for areas beyond the reach
  • HAs 25 per cent more power for carpets and hard floors

This model of Dirt Devil UD70172 Pro Power is a small vacuum with full power. It is, in fact, 25 per cent more powerful than other vacuums in the same category. It is used for hard floor surfaces and can be used on even carpets and rugs too.

Due to the fact that it has clean path technology, it picks up the dirt from edge to edge. This dorm room vacuum is efficient in sucking even the smallest particles of the dust with ease. Either it is pet hair bits that are trapped along the sides of the walls and baseboards.

The 2 in 1 brush and crevice tool are used in order to clean the tight corners and the cracks. The extended hose can be used for areas at height to remove cobwebs, dust particles and debris from the top of the curtains and the ceiling areas.

It also has a cyclonic filtration system ensuring the strong suction even if the vacuum is used for a longer period. Therefore does not leave any dust and dirt, as it does not lose its suction power at all.

The warranty period is limited for this vacuum covering basic material and workmanship defects that can affect the operation of the vacuum.

  • Powerful and strong suction
  • Long hose
  • lightweight and easier to use

  • Noisier



With the help of all information above and other dorm vacuum reviews online, it will be easier to pick the right college dorm room vacuum. Do keep in mind the size of the room as for larger room cordless vacuum will be the best.

But the cleaning style also matters a lot for making the right choice too. Bag-less ones will be more feasible if you are looking for convenience.

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