Best Vacuums for Bed Bugs & Steamers (Reviews and Guide 2020)

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Bed bugs are one of the crucial enemies when you are on bed. These are responsible for many skin infections, diseases and other happenings to your skin.

The bed bugs are not like the other bugs but remain there as hidden. You need to have some special arrangements in order to avoid these bugs.

One of the best options you can have to avoid the bed bugs bites is the vacuums for bed bugs and steamers.

Comparison of Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Bed Bugs Removal

We have listed the best-bagged vacuum for bed bugs that lets you to have clean and healthy home or place.

Here is a comparison between the top five selected vacuum cleaners in the list:

Detailed Review of Best Bed Bugs Vacuums

To buy the best vacuum to use for bed bugs it is necessary that you will go through all the necessary procedures.

There are certain qualities and options you need to consider when buying a good vacuum for bed bugs.

Not all the bed bug cleaners are good for the use and can help you to have the right results. You need to select wisely about what is the best vacuum for bed bugs.

Here is the buyer’s guide for you to make the right selection and have the performing product with you.

#1 Atrix HEPA Backpack Vacuum: Say no to Bed Bugs, Debris & Dirt

Quick Features

  • Backpack style vacuum
  • Weight of 10.3 lbs. and the dimensions are 12x9x20 inches
  • Convertible to left and right side handling
  • Powerful vacuum blower ideal for commercial and residential cleaning
  • HEPA filter to suck up the minute particles with safety
  • Comes with a pack of attachments covering multiple brushes, nozzles and much more
  • Ideal for cleaning bed, couch, curtains, cushions and much more

On the top of the list, we have the best vacuum for bed bugs that can help you not only cleaning up the bugs but to kill them as well.

It comes up with four different air levels that use the HEPA filter system for air purification. It not only sucks up the bugs but clean up the air as well.

You can have multiple attachments and brushes that make it an ideal option for the bug cleaning. You can really have the amazing bug cleaning experience with this powerful machine.

The pump comes with a commercial grade suction power so you can have it even for the commercial purpose at times.

  • Clean and kill bugs on the spot
  • Do not let bugs to spread
  • Purifies air with 4 level filer
  • Easy to carry backpack style
  • Powerful vacuum pump for suction
  • Ideal for commercial and domestic use
  • Multiple attachments for multiple purposes cleaning
  • Comes with a bag to keep the attachments at one place

  • Difficult to carry one handed
  • Requires technique of adjustment for the small spots
  • Difficult to manage multiple attachments
  • Takes time for the frequent grip
  • Requires larger storage space

Although it is a little off from its handling or carrying capacity but for long hours, it is a kind of perfect fit for all your needs.

The investment on Atrix Bed Bur Vacuum will let you to have multiple benefits. You can use it not only on beds but in corners of your home, office, shop and other places as well.

Other than removing bugs, it kills them and prevents their regrowth as well.


#2 Housemile Anti-Dust Mites Vacuum: Best UV Killer of Bed Bugs

Quick Features

  • Comes with HEPA filtration technology
  • Rotates 3800 times per minutes for better cleaning
  • Use 350Watts of power
  • Produce 8.5 kpa power suction for cleaning
  • Ultra violet high temperature tube for sterilization
  • Good with all surfaces
  • 3.3 pound weight makes it lighter to carry for cleaning
  • Digital button on the top
  • Two way suction inlet
  • Replaceable filters
  • Handheld and ideal for every surface

Housemile anti-Bacterial UV Vacuum Cleaner is a multipurpose, powerful and handled vacuum for bed bugs.

The high-speed power enables the gadget to suck up all the particles, bugs, mites and even the micro particles and bacteria.

For your ultimate home cleaning, it is the best option you can have. Other than the powerful suction, the UV high temperature tube sterilizes the surface and reduces the bacteria and germs along with killing the bugs and mites.

Moreover, the 3800 times rotation and 6000 times vibration on the surface enable the vacuum to extract the bugs from the bedding and other clothes.

The handy style and design enable the vacuum to work for the cushions, curtain, carpets, rugs and even your coats as well.

You can clean and sterilize almost every cloth related item in the house easily. The lightweight lets you to work with it for long time.

Moreover, the powerful machine gives you a better performance record during operation.

  • Kills microorganisms and bacteria along with bed bugs and mites
  • Have replaceable filters for ultimate hygiene
  • Small in size and light in weight
  • Handy to use and operate
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Double suction opening, one on upper side and other on the base
  • Filter and cleans the surface
  • Reduce the chances of reoccurrence of bugs and mites
  • Helpful in controlling bacteria that trigger allergies

  • Not ideal for the larger areas
  • Small size cannot clean up the surface quickly
  • It is hard to find product replacement
  • Not recommended for commercial use

If you want to pick up a best handheld vacuum for bed bugs then here is the ultimate option for you.

It comes with great power to help you but bug and bacteria removal. You can eliminate the allergies and all the micro particles from the bed or other spaces as well.

The easy to handle vacuum make it possible for you to work well in any environment. It is a well performing home bed bug vacuum gadget for you.


#3 Vapamore MR-100 Steamer: Best Bed Bug Eliminator

Quick Features

  • Bigger treatment head
  • Washable filters
  • Multiple attachments
  • Extendable pipe for attachments
  • Canister design vacuum
  • 1500 watt heater to create steam
  • 1.6 liter water tank
  • Works fine for sanitization and removing grease
  • Good performer for the clothing and hard surfaces as well

Other than the vacuums for bed bugs, there are streamers that works fine for the bed bug elimination and clean up.

In the list, we have a top rated steamer Vapamore MR-100 Steamer. It is not just a vacuum but works on steam to cleans the surface and remove bugs or bacteria as well.

The standpoint steamer works fine for the larger areas. You need to add water to its container and the powerful heating system will get you the steam coming out of hose.

The steam sanitizes the surface and removes the bugs from bed and clothing. High temperature and moisture cause the bugs to die and release the fabric.

It comes up with a number of attachments and flexible handling that helps you to work on multiple locations.

You can clean up the bed, curtains, clothing, even furniture and tile floors as well. There are multiple brushes and filters to help you with the cleaning process.

  • Comes with multiple accessories and attachments
  • Suction opening is able to reach close spots
  • Have child safety features
  • Smart wheels for easy movement
  • Large water tank for longer use
  • Provides ultimate steam for sterilization
  • Maximum performance and visible results

  • Main hose is a bit short
  • Do not support hard water
  • Requires proper cleaning and drying
  • No alarm for lower water level
  • All manual control and timing check for the long-term use

Vapamore MR-100 Steamer is one of the powerful tools you can have at home to get rid of bed bugs. It is not just a bug removal but lets you to have the sterilized surface as well.

The steamer is not limited to beds, couches and cushions. You can use the steamer on tiles and hard surfaces as well.

It is a two in on package for cleaning, steaming and sterilizing as well. Pick up the heavy-duty steamer to enhance your hygienic conditions at home.

Moreover, the child safety features make it safe for the kids around at home. It is for sure a complete cleaning package for the home with kids around to keep a health check on cleanliness.


#4 Atrix Lil Red Portable: Good for Multiple Use

Quick Features

  • Total weight is of 6.5 pounds
  • 1200 watts power motor
  • 6 foot hose
  • Comes with warranty
  • Multiple attachments includes brushes, hose and more
  • 3 level HEPA filtration
  • Replaceable bags
  • Bag exchanging indicators
  • Portable size and easy fit for the storage at small places
  • Ideal for home, office and any other location
  • Works fine on bugs, microorganism and bacteria

Atrix Lil Red Portable Canister Vacuum Cleaner AHSC-1 is the answer for your question of what is the best vacuum for bed bugs.

The canister style vacuum cleaner comes power up for the best results with the bug cleaning and much more.

You can have a visible result in cleaning up with the vacuum. The best thing about it is the portability. Although it is canister styled but can be moved easily anywhere.

Due to lighter weight and smart dimensions, you can take it anywhere. Moreover, the powerful motor and suction make it work fine for all the surfaces.

Additionally it has three levels HEPA filtration system that eliminate allergies, germs and bacterial along with microorganism and bugs.

There are indicator lights in the vacuum that lets you to know the time for bag changing. Although the bag inside is quite smaller than the vacuum size but it works pretty much good.

Moreover, the attachments coming with the vacuum are the best tool kit for you to clean up the house using these multiple options.

You get the telescope wand, dusting brush, and crevice tool and upholstery nozzle as well. All these are amazing to suck up the bugs, their eggs and other parasites from the cracks, corners and even holes.

In short, you can make your home not only look clean but clean in actual. Just make sure to change the bag careful after every fill following the indicators.

The power and capacity makes it good enough for any space to work whether home or office.

  • Powerful suction of bugs
  • Easily moveable
  • Inexpensive than other options
  • Compact to fit into small spaces
  • Bag replacement indicator lights
  • Adjustable motor speed
  • 3 level HEPA filtration options
  • Retractable cord

  • Smaller bag size and capacity
  • Short power cord
  • Small hose size

When finding the best vacuum for bed bugs then here is the economical and easy to access option for you. It is one of the remote options that you can access easily at marketplace.

The model is competitive and comes up with numerous features that you can have in any other machine. Moreover, it lets you to have the cleaning procedure using any of the available extension as per your ease.

It is ideal for all the environments and has less maintenance. All you need is to change the bags and you are all done to get start again.

The bag replacement indicators help you to maintain machine’s cleanness and you can have the best results or long. Its head can reach to all spaces and you can make its best use by using extensions.


#5 Kenmore 81614 Bagged Canister: Best Portable Device

Quick Features

  • Canister model
  • HEPA bag
  • Multiple accessories and attachments
  • 12-amp motor
  • Total with of 22.6 pounds
  • 28 feet long power cord
  • Clean well on floor surface and carpets as well

The best thing about the Kenmore 81614 Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner is its dual working nature. It is one of the rare cleaners that offer you the conventional purpose and bug removal as well.

You can clean up the entire regular rash from the hard floor or carpet and even can remove the bed bugs from bed, clothing, curtain, carpet and floor as well.

It is a kind of two in one job that your single vacuum can perform.

The vacuum has some strong power motor that keeps its suction capacity to the maximum. On the other hand, numerous attachments enable the vacuum to have the proper cleaning in all manners.

With all the accessories, you can perform a comprehensive job that is required. In the attachments there are all the brushes related to floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, bug removal and more.

Additionally the HEPA filtration feature lets the vacuum to remove allergies from home. It can capture pollutants from the surface and environment to avoid further proliferation of allergies in the place.

The HEPA bag in the vacuum does not let the germs or bugs to escape and avoid their penetration.

  • HEPA advance filtration
  • Powerful suction
  • Works as conventional vacuum and bug cleaner at a time
  • Clear allergies
  • Lock bugs in the bag and avoid penetration
  • Long retractable power cord
  • Powerful motor
  • Multiple accessories for multiple surfaces cleaning
  • Reduce bugs and bacteria
  • Great to avoid anathema attacks

  • Conventional heavy machine
  • Difficult to move and store
  • Motor is too loud
  • Canister tips over
  • Not a handy and convenient option in general

For a household with cleaning and bug removal needs, Kenmore 81614 Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner is the right option.

Although there are, certain shortcomings but it will help to make things easier and better. It is quite nice to have one machine that can fit in for all the necessary jobs and provide the best results.

You need to invest at the right place and will be able to get rid of all the problems.

It is more conventional, not so advance so you may have to manage with the weight, noise or canister tip over occasionally. 


How vacuums help?

In order to get rid of bed bugs and steamers vacuums are one of the best options that help to avoid critical results.

When you are unable to identify the bedbugs the vacuum can suck up all the bugs and make you better free. It is one of the Handy and convenient way to get rid of all the type of wood in time.

There are numerous vacuums for bed bugs and steamers out there at the marketplace to help you with the best cleaning procedure.

Why you need a specialized vacuum cleaner

You have vacuum cleaner at home for the cleaning purpose. However, to clean up the bedbugs and steamers we need some specialized vacuum cleaners.

The normal household vacuum cleaner is not enough to identify and clean up the small bugs. The bugs can stuck in the vacuum filter and will risk the overall hygienic conditions.

In order to avoid such complications with your overall cleaning experience it is important that you will have a specialized vacuum cleaner

The cleaners designed for bedbugs have special filters and mechanism to suck up and kill the bedbugs properly.

These vacuum cleaners do not let the bedbugs to spread out to the other areas of the house. You can have the best vacuum for bed bugs to get ultimate hygiene and cleanliness in your house.

In comparison to the other methods of cleaning up and removing bed bugs, vacuum is one of the convenient methods.

Other methods to avoid bed bugs

Cleaning up the bedbugs or avoid these to happen there are certain household tips that one should use.

If you are following, some of the essential instructions while cleaning up your bed you can definitely avoid the bedbugs.

When there are no bed bugs, you do not need a good vacuum cleaner for bed bugs as well. Here are some important tips that you can follow to avoid bed bugs in your home.

These tips will help you to avoid the bugs and clean up the bed with easy solutions.

Daily cleanup

Make sure to clean up your bed on daily basis without skipping any day. In case of no or poor cleaning, there is a possibility of bed bugs and many other germs on your bed.

These bugs and germs can cause you infections, rashes, and other allergies as well. the best way to clean up your bed daily, change your bed covers, keep it dry and have less exposure to germs.

In other words, you have to make sure that there is no dirt on your bed. It is an ideal practice to make your bed every day in the morning and before sleeping in the night as well.

Avoid wet bed

A wet bed is home for the bed bugs and steamers. You need to make sure that your bed is always dry and clean.

In case, if there is anything wet on your bed make sure to let it dry completely. Mostly, in winters we have to face issues of bed bugs.

It is because of the moisture in the air. The best way to avoid such situation is to have the best heating system in your home.

By reducing the overall moisture from the atmosphere you can avoid the wetness and moist in bed. Moreover, in case if anything spills on your bed make sure to clean it on the spot.

On the spot cleaning will help the bed to dry completely afterwards and you can avoid bedbugs. For the quick cleaning and drying, you can use the best vacuum against bed bugs.

Have sundry session

Another best option to avoid bedbugs is the sun drying your bed in every season. When weather changes to summers after winters or vice versa, you have to let your bad have a sundry session.

The sundry actually helps to kill all the bugs and germs from the bed mattress and other bedding options. Most importantly, after winters you need to have at least one sundry session with your bed and other bedding items.

Make sure to let the mattress and pillows in the sunrays for about four hour. The direct sunlight will remove all the bugs and germs from these bedding items so you can use them again peacefully.

Use anti bug sprays and tonics

Other than using the best-handled vacuum for bed bugs, you can use some anti-bug spray and tonics on your bed.

These sprays and tonics are not toxicant for the human body and help you to keep your bed clean and bug-free. Make sure that you are going to use these tonics and pray as per instructions on the packaging.

Although these are safe for human use but you have to be careful when you are using these tonics. Anything wrong in the use can actually lead to have some of the critical results.

Make sure that you are using toxicant free tonics when you have kids around on the bed. In case of any negligence, you may have to face of the critical results as well.

Due to some safety concerns, it is not recommended to use these tonics and spray instead of a best vacuum for bed bugs to clean up the bed bugs and avoid them.

Model and manufacturer

One of the most important things that you need to consider when buying the best vacuum for bed bugs is its model and manufacturer.

Only the quality manufacturers provide you the best vacuum against bed bugs having advanced features and much more to discover.

Make sure that you are going to prefer highly ranked manufacturer and its latest model to buy. The latest model of the top manufacturer will actually help you to have all the interesting features of a good vacuum for bed bugs.

Make sure to have a little research about the model and its competitive features for a competitive environment. It will get you covered for long and provide you much more facilities.

Basic product features

When you have selected the model and manufacture then the next thing you need to focus on is the product features.

Make sure that you are going to explore all the best features that vacuum cleaner are having. The best cleaner for bed bugs contains a number of supplies and attachments to it.

The cleaner is designed in such a way that it can help you to clean any surface in any critical area of the bad or your room. Make sure to consider the number of brushes and attachment with the cleaner.

Moreover, know about its cleaning capacity, container, power, and efficiency as well.

Weight and dimensions

It is not necessary that bed bugs be only on your bed. These can hide in the dark corner of the house including window curtains, cushions, room corners, couch and other areas as well.

In order to get rid of these bugs completely you need to have the best-bagged vacuum for bed bugs. In such manner, it is important to consider the weight and dimensions of the vacuum cleaner.

When you have a lightweight and small size vacuum cleaner, it is quite easy for you to move it to different places that are not reachable normally.

It will provide you to clean out the surface in a better manner and help to eliminate all the bugs from the house.

Add on in the package

The best handheld vacuum for bed bugs comes with a number of brushes and add-ons that helps you to clean the surfaces of different kinds.

The brushes, foams and nozzles are of multiple sizes that can reach to any corner or any surface easily.

You need to pick up the option that is coming up with numerous options of nozzles so you can have a better cleaning procedure.

Additionally, there should be multiple modes of cleaning in the cleaners so you can try the options to eliminate the bedbugs. These modes will make cleaning of different surfaces easy and on the go.

Warranty details

When buying any of the electronic products we have to make sure that we pick up the best warranty. In case of the best vacuum for the bed bugs, you need to pick up a machine for the good warranty.

Consider when the warranty starts and in what circumstances you can claim the warranty to the manufacturer.

Every company or the manufacturer has certain limits for the warranty claims and claim maturity. You need to analyze the differences on your own and pick up the favorable option.

It will help you to get the right product with the right warranty claims so you can make its best use and will have a cover as well.


Whenever we are investing on something that is important for the household cause, we have to make sure that we are getting the best product.

In order to have a long lasting and work able vacuum for bed bugs you need to make sure that it is a durable one.

The durability of a cleaner refers to its overall made and material. Make sure to pick up good material manufacture that is not necessary it should be metal but of good quality fiber or plastic as well.

The overall weight of the material also ensures its quality and let you to decide the best for you. In case of weight, it will be difficult for you to make its appropriate use.

Power and performance

Last but not the least you need to consider the power and performance of the best vacuum to use for bed bugs.

As far as the vacuum is going to consume energy and you will have to pay the bill. In this regard, you need to check out the voltage and Watts of the cleaners so you can pick up the best option, which is economical as well.

There are a number of power saving and eco-friendly good vacuum cleaners for bed bugs available at the market.

You can pick up any of the options from these available vacuums. Other than power consumption, you need to contract the performance as well.

Some of the vacuums with less power do not perform well in cleaning up bugs. Therefore, have some reviews about the cleaner and then pick up the appropriate one.

Vacuum VS steamer

There is a certain debate about the use of steamer or vacuum to clean up the bed bugs. Both that are ultimate machines to have the best of cleaning results.

If the vacuum can suck up the bugs and lock them in filters along with microbes and other parasites then steamer can kill bugs and germs on a high temperature steam. Both of these machines are helpful in their own.



Such up the bugs and germs

Kill the germs and bugs

Requires filters

Requires water

Need filter replacement

Need water refills

Create noise

Create lesser noise or sometimes noiseless

Comes in canister and handhelds options

Available only in canister option

Used only for bug removal

Can be used for grease removal as well


Other than the differences between both options, there are certain similarities. Both machine types are useful for the environment.

Using any of the option, you will be able to eliminate allergies and bugs from the house or workplace as well.


The bed bugs can be injurious to health and will be responsible for some continuous irritation. You need to take all the necessary steps in order to avoid these bugs.

Make sure to pick up a good vacuum cleaner for bed bugs so you will be able to clean up home easily. The bug cleaner not only helps you to clean the bugs but to avoid having them for long.

You can increase the overall bed hygiene and cleaning using this light in weight and extremely powerful cleaners. Make sure to pick up the right kind of option for your use so you will have the long lasting results.

A good vacuum for bed bugs will not only help you to get rid of the bugs but to eliminate other parasites, germs and bacteria as well.

The vacuums have the UV and filtration technology that purifies surface and air as well. Vacuum locks the microorganism in filter and you can only dispose of these dead bugs and germs.

High pressure and temperature enable the cleaners to kill the germs.

Best HEPA vacuum for bed bugs is essential in a house. It is not only promoting hygiene but save the kids in the house as well. Kids are the easy target for the bugs and bacteria.

They move in the house randomly and have maximum interaction with the floor, bed or carpet. Using the vacuum or steamer will kill and remove the bugs or bacteria from not only the carpet or floor but the cracks and holes as well.

It will make the house a complete safe zone for the kids as well. Make sure to pick up the right option and live a healthy and happy life.