Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners for Long Hair – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

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Consumers look for different things when they are buying a vacuum cleaner, to name a few – specifications, excellent product, low price, and good reviews. If you are exploring the best vacuum for long hair, we are helping you take all these points (and more) into account.

Please do not buy the vacuum cleaner for long hair without consulting our assessment of its strengths, weaknesses, and the ideal user.

Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners for Long Hair


Comparison of Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Long Hair

One may see a variety of vacuums Cleaners in the market and will be confused after seeing them all. It will be difficult to pick the product of your taste and need at the same time.

Best customer will be the person who will blend his/her taste and needs to buy the best hair vacuum for home or workplace.

It’s better to highlight your needs and priorities while going to shop a best vacuum cleaner for cleanliness purposes.

If you will decide about your needs first and then will go to buy the product then it will be easy and it will also save the time of shopping. In the end, you will surely buy the right product for your cleanliness tasks.

Detailed Review of Best Long Hair Vacuums Cleaners

Welcome to our detailed review on long hair vacuum section.

We are going to compare best vacuum for long hair and guide you about which one is good, bad and what should you expect from each vacuum for picking up hair.

We will start with number one pick, each tangle free hair vacuum here is incredible.

#1 Dyson V8 Animal: (Best of the Best)

Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners for Long Hair

Quick Features

  • It comes with a washable lifetime filter.
  • It requires 4 hours of charging.
  • It carries a bin volume of 0.14 gallons.


The Dyson V8 animal offers a wireless hassle-free cleaning for up to 40 minutes. Powered by the Dyson V8 engine, this machine comes with the most powerful suction of the cordless vacuum for pet hair.

Machine filtration captures allergens and expels purer air than the air you breathe. The maximum power mode provides up to 7 minutes of suction for more difficult tasks.

All Dyson cordless vacuums for pet hair convert to a handheld for all surfaces cleaning. Emptying the new big box is a breeze with the push of a button.

The convenient docking station accumulates and charges your machine and accessories when not in use, so it is always ready to go — up to 40 minutes of dynamic suction (up to 25 minutes with motorized floor tool attached). Trigger releases instantly.

It uses the battery for cleaning. Powered by the digital motor V8, it creates the best cordless vacuum for pet hair.

The Direct-Drive cleaner head drives fumes deep into the carpet to eliminate ground-in dirt and dust. It has 150 percent additional brush bar power than the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum.

It offers a mini power tool for demanding tasks. Stiff nylon fumes remove pet hair and ground-in dust from furniture, car seats, and small spaces.

Dyson V8 vacuum

HEPA filtration captures allergens and expels the air cleaner than the air you breathe.

  • It has up to 40 minutes of run time. 
  • This vacuum does a fantastic job of maneuvering around the home.
  • Highly portable at 5.64 pounds of weight only
  • Noiseless operation throughout use

  • The cost of the V8 is steep. 
  • This Dyson battles with massive debris on hardwood floors.


#2 Shark Navigator ZU561: Best Cordless Stick Vacuum

Quick Features

  • It offers powerful deep cleaning.
  • It is lightweight and weighs at 13.4 lbs.
  • It comes with an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology.

The Shark Navigator ZU561 powered vacuum is an advancement in Shark vacuums. What makes this premium model apart is the Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap technology.

It will help prevent the common problem of hair wrapping around the brushbar. Hair wrapped around brushroll will work its way off to the trash can.

The Shark ZU561 includes a large capacity lift-away tube (0.9 liters capacity), so you can vacuum your stairs, furniture, upholstery, curtains, ceiling fans, and other hard to get places.

It is also perfect for smaller areas such as upholstery, Stairs, Pet Hair Removal, and the interior of the cars.

It is a perfect dog hair vacuum for those who have allergies. The Shark Navigator ZU561 has an active HEPA filter that traps dust and a complete seal against allergens leaking into the air.

When you are all finished, the canister lifts for easy dusting. This upright vacuum for pet hair is not only simple to use but also highly versatile for long hair removal.

  • Reasonable price for such an efficient pet hair vacuum. The suction is excellent – dirt pick up is thorough
  • Suitable for picking hair and pet fur
  • Relatively light – is ideal for the petite person and senior
  • The tube is easy to attach and detach and clean. Hose and other accessories are also easy to maintain.
  • Valid on soft furnishings – accessories are perfect for cleaning the sofa, curtains, stairs, and other areas above the ground.
  • The smooth transitions from bare floors to carpets (perfect for deep cleaning)
  • The rotation function enables easy maneuvering around furniture.
  • 5-year warranty

  • It does not have LED lights
  • The power cord could be longer
  • Hair may still get wrapped around the brushroll


#3 Shark Rotator NV752: Best Pet-Friendly Hair Vacuum

Quick Features

  • It features a detachable canister.
  • It offers advanced swivel steering.
  • It comes with an Anti-Allergen Seal Technology.

The Shark Rotator NV752 is another progress in Shark vacuums. What sets this premium model apart is both the cleaner head and the pet tool.

You electrically power, instead of airpower for better cleaning. They design this model for those with pets and pet hair to vacuum. 

The NV752 TruePet gives you a combination of a lightweight best upright vacuum for pet hair along with a removable lightweight best canister vacuum for pet hair (with powered brushroll).

Never losing suction technology provides this power with constant vacuum suction.

To prevent you from inhaling the dirt and dust, you are vacuuming; Shark has an anti-allergic complete sealing technology (TM) that traps 99.99% of dust inside the vacuum. 

The Shark vacuum for pet hair includes a large capacity lift-away canister, so you can vacuum your stairs, furniture, upholstery, curtains, ceiling fans, and other hard to get places.

Its motorized tools work with the hose and wand. The suction power and motorized brushroll in either the Upright or the lift-Away forms make it the Best Pet Hair Vacuum!

  • Shark Rotator models use a very well designed HEPA Sealed Filtration System
  • The Lift-Away mode and the Dusting Brush attachment are excellent for cleaning ceiling fans.
  • The Shark Rotator NV752 shines in its performance on the carpet, hard floors and stairs, and inefficiency (easy to clean, noise level, and suction).

  • Despite its stellar ratings, some users have noticed some areas where Rotator does not quite hit the mark. These included weight and maneuverability.
  • The cord is non-retractable, which some people might find annoying.


#4 Shark ION RV750: Best Robot Vacuum for Long Hair

Quick Features

  • It carries a self-cleaning brushroll.
  • It provides an hour of cleaning time.
  • It offers optional cleaning and scheduling from your smartphone.

Shark is an old- and well-established vacuum manufacturer that has successfully established a large customer base in traditional vacuum cleaners.

Over the past two years, it has shifted towards the creation of a range of robot vacuums, known as the Shark Ion Robot range.

This robot vacuum is a relatively cheap option designed for cleaning pet hair and come equipped with respectable features and functions.

The 2.6 inches tall, Shark Ion Robot 750 can roll under coffee tables, sofas, and mattress frames clearing all the dirt and dust.

This Shark vacuum cleaner for pet hair can go from hardwood floors to carpets without getting stuck because it has a substantial weight of 5.5 pounds and rubber-grip side wheels.

 With the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair 2020, the performing brush is helical for deep cleaning on the piles of carpets and hard floors.

There are double spinning side brushes that suck up particles from the corners and edges. Not only is the performance brush great for collecting dirt and dust, but it can also suck up the long pet hair and human hair.

As the shark vacuum cleaner for pet hair wanders around the room, its 12.6-inch case makes much progress, vacuuming more on a pass that thin robotic vacuum cleaners.

Also, when the bin is full, easy release tabs that come with this Shark Vacuum, Robot 750 enable you to dump the container. Thus the robovac gets back to work.

  • Easy setup
  • Emptying the bin is simple
  • Good for Home use
  • Keep floors clean for a more extended period

  • Sometimes bumps around


#5 Shark Navigator NV356E: Good Quality Upright Vacuum

Quick Features

  • It is sturdy and lightweight.
  • It is portable and versatile.
  • It carries a detachable canister.

Designed for use on carpets and floors, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E Pro is the best pet hair vacuum.

The main features include a HEPA filter designed to remove allergens, articulated steering, and an extra-large dust cup. 

While reasonably standard white pet hair vacuum looks like any other ordinary vacuum for pet hair, this model has a lifting distance function that allows users to separate the canister from the head – a feature well suited to efficiently clean those hard to reach places.

It is a fantastic dog hair vacuum cleaner, and you will love to use it around the house to pick up the hair.

The Shark Navigator NV356E offers various modes that make cleaning the home more comfortable, and washable HEPA filter traps 99.9 percent of dirt, dust, debris, skin flakes, and other common allergens that it sucks up.

It works wonders on pet hair and can remove the long dog hair from carpets and hard floors.

It also has a long 30-foot cord, which makes cleaning much more convenient and comfortable for the young and the elderly alike.

  • The Shark NV356E got almost perfect scores in a handful of categories, including use on the carpet and effectiveness of pet hair pick up. Experts say that the upright is suitable for removing dust, dirt, and hair from carpets and rugs.
  • It comes with two washable HEPA filters to collect 99.9 percent of allergens.

  • Some users notice that the vacuum creates a high-pitched noise during use. Also, some users were less satisfied with the vacuum design, which they found to be too heavy.
  • Somewhat narrow brush-width might take longer to vacuum larger rooms.


#6 Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G: Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner for Long Hair

Quick Features:

  • One can say it is best-handled vacuum cleaner because it is easy to carry. 
  • It is also well known for being the best vacuum hair cleaner for dogs. No doubt other pets also found it amiable. It’s called the best cleaner for all pet hair. 
  • If somebody asks what is the best vacuum for pet hair? One must suggest the canister vacuum cleaner. 

The canister vacuum cleaner is a product which is purposefully launched in the market for fulfilling the needs of people who are seeking for pet hair cleaning. 

It is useful as it not only cleans the pet hair but also helpful in cleaning carpets.

When you start adjusting it step by step, the key book will be an aid. It is the best cordless vacuum cleaner as it is easy to set it. It is a Bissell pet hair vacuum. 

Its suction pump is quite potent and does clearance quickly. It is also popular for long hair pet as it runs on the body smoothly. Some pets have long hair. It’s the best vacuum for long hair as well as hardwood floors. 

Dogs are the most adorable pets. It’s a dog hair vacuum It’s the best vacuum for pet hair 2020. It’s the best stick vacuum for pet hair because it’s suction power is high. It works smoothly.

The best vacuum for pet hair consumer reports gives name best canister vacuum for pet hair as best. It’s best robot vacuum for pet hair 2019 till 2020.

In a nutshell, one must give it a try to test its goodness. All features can be justified by experiencing the best vacuum for pet hair, called canister vacuum for pet hair. 

  • It is Handy.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It has an attractive outlook.
  • It is Portable.
  • It is not noisy.

  • Suction pump cleaning takes time.


#7 Bissell Pet Hair Eraser: Honorable Mention

Quick Features:

  • Prominent feature found as best cleaner for hair is its allergens. They support very well.
  • Its two-mode function can keep it to be used multiple as per the needs of customers. It can be kept upright and can be laid down.
  • When finished working, allow the cup to air dry and then place it back into the vacuum. It will increase its life.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Bagless Upright Vacuum has a beautiful and modern design. Its best cleaner for animals. Pets love to be cleaned via best cleaner for long hair. It gets attention if others because of its glossy outlook too.

This vacuum shows two modes to do powerful cleaning around the home. One can keep the vacuum straight for carpets and hard floors, or one can use Lift-Off.

It is called the best Vacuum cleaner for giving out two-mode work.

Smart hold of Allergen System catches allergens and the filter or Steiner removes odours.

Best pet vacuum as pets keep on sitting at a place during the cleaning process does weight is negligible in this way.

It is, in fact, Best pet cleaner for it cleans away all kind of debris hidden in the fur of animals.

It’s hygienic too. It is one of the smartest vaccines cleaner due to its heavy machinery and two modes modus operandi. The only issue is it’s heaviness that can be managed by carrying plans.

  • It has a tangle-free brush which makes cleaning easy. 
  • It has allergens which support cleaning system. 
  • Its suction pump is very potent. 
  • It uses a double mode cleaning tactic. 

  • Its heavy size makes it difficult to be used.


#8 Hoover BH50020PC: A Quality Stick Cleaner to Tackle Hair

Quick Features:

  • A rechargeable battery is a challenging feature as it is helpful even in the absence of electricity. 
  • It is a Handheld vacuum cleaner. It can be used at ease due to its lightweight. 
  • Cordless vacuum function is additional support. It will add more to its efficiency. 
  • Its pipe length gives it an additional feature which makes work faster and saves time. 

Hoover vacuum cleaner displays a beautiful outlook. This product has a length which makes it more attractive. It is twistable and can do underneath cleanings at ease.

Hoover BH50020PC Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner adjustment is easy. Once it’s set, it’s ready to work.

The handle is easy to use. One may turn and twist the product as per needs. It is good as vacuum hair cleaner for pets. It is known as animal hair vacuum as it cleans away the excessive hair of pets gently.

It is the best long hair vacuum cleaner as it’s removing bristles are potent. They hold the hair at ease. That’s why it’s the best vacuum for salons. 

Once it’s done, one may remove the cap to clean the dust and garbage. It’s ready to be used again. Keeping on view the hustle and bustle of daily life, one must prefer Hoover BH50020PC Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. 

It’s handling is easy. It is portable with a long pipe. It is among the best hair vacuum cleaners of 2020. 

  • It is efficient in use.
  • It is easy to be cleaned and dried.
  • Its long pipe is helpful to access hidden areas to be cleaned.
  • It is good for hardwood floors. 

  • The dust cup is comparatively small in size.
  • Battery life is less.


#9 Shark Navigator NV360: Another Shark that Doesn’t Disappoint

Quick Features:

  • It is best-handled vacuum cleaner because it is easy to finish more work in less time. 
  • It is also well known for being the best vacuum hair cleaner for dogs as it is having a long pipe which can be moved to access distant parts of the animal body. 

If you are looking for a decent and functional product then you need to prefer Shark Navigator NV360 Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum as it is modified for working on a large scale. Its design is modified for big houses.

In this product, you get an Upright Mode that is recommended for standard vacuuming. This is supportive that’s why we name it best vacuum cleaner of 2020. 

It has the swivel stick that allows gliding easily over carpets and hard flooring. It rolls to the lower portions of the sofa at ease.

Lift-Away Mode is an additional feature. It disconnects the canister and allows you to clean stairs and other difficult areas.

It has the standard vacuum head and hand vacuum. One will also get a pet power brush to suck up embedded fur.

Pets enjoy getting clean with the help of the shark navigator vacuum. It gives a smooth effect.

Lift away mode is an additional feature that supports it on stairs. If you’re looking for a functional and powerful vacuum for long hair, then the Shark Navigator NV360 is a best choice. Make sure to enjoy it. 

  • It is quick in use.
  • The HEPA filter helps save from all kind of allergies.
  • It’s long pipe is helpful to access distant and hidden areas.
  • It’s good as dog vacuum hair cleaner. 

  • Dust cup has sticks inside.
  • The dust cup is small too.


#10 Hoover BH50020PC: Best Stick Hair Vac Runner Up

Quick Features:

  • It’s length matters as the cordless vacuum cleaner is very famous for cleaning of the ceilings.
  • It’s good as it goes down the sofa and beds at ease. The long hair vacuum cleaner can be another name for its length.


Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Hair Vacuum Cleaner BH50010for long hair is a useful product. Its length is the very first thing that will attract your attention.

Its length is an additional feature and not a hurdle for its functions. Its suction power is high and pump works to its length. It has sucking power to its fullest.

It has the powered vacuum head that easily picks up dirt and dust.Even it is good to suck in human hair and long pet hair without getting clogged. It is because of pipe length.

Its pipe length gives it an additional feature which makes work faster and saves time.It seems heavy by weight but it’s really easy to carry. It’s weightless.

WindTunnel Technology provides powerful suction that removes long human hair. It’s best long gaur vacuum. It’s also good as a vacuum for dog hair. Other pets also like to be fleshed with it.

It’s best to vacuum for tiles and floors as it can cover the long-distance for completing cleaning operations. Unlike other cleaners, it’s not mini in size so one may enjoy using it.

It’s the best cordless vacuum cleaner for so many features. Experience may tell more about it so one needs to give it a try.

  • It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 
  • Extreme recline handle to carry it. 
  • It has edge brushes to clean all kind of surfaces. 
  • Its length supports to complete distant cleaning. 

  • Battery life is low. Approximately 20-25 minutes. 
  • The dust cap is small. 


Why Buy A Vacuum Cleaner for long hairs?

Keeping in view the current hustle and bustle of life, one needs to wind up a lot many activities in a short time. Cleaning homes is a fussy task most of the times and it takes a lot of time.

Although we admit that cleanliness is half of the faith but still we try to go for short cuts while talking about cleanliness.

Buying a vacuum will cut short our work if we want to maintain our homes all the time. We need to buy a vacuum for so many reasons and they cannot be summarized here but some of them are mentioned as under:

  • Handy
  • Economical
  • Durable
  • Reliable


The vacuum of small size is most handy. They can be kept in access all the time. One may clean the home quickly before the arrival of guests and after their leaving home.  An other type popular type is wall mounted garage vacuums for multiple cleaning jobs.


The vacuum is an economical product as once you are supposed to invest money and buy best long hair or short hair vacuum. Then it will be there for you whenever you need to clean the home.

You just need to take good care of it and not to use it roughly. It will stay with you for long.


Once you buy a vacuum, it runs for long. It is life-lasting most of the times. It is durable in many ways.

One just needs to keep it organized and clean after use every time.


One can rely upon the vacuum for a neat and clean home for the whole day. The vacuum is indeed a trustworthy product in all regards of cleaning operations of the home.

Selecting The Right Type Of Vacuum:

Most people get confused while selecting the kind of best vacuum. Following tips can be followed while going for the best kind of vacuum for your home or workplace. They are:

  • Tile or carpet
  • Long or short hair
  • Lifestyle
  • Home type

Tiles or carpet:

It depends upon your flooring style that which vacuum you prefer. If you have tiles on the floor then it’s probably easy to select a vacuum with small or no bristles.

On the other hand, if you have a carpeted floor then, of course, you need to prefer a vacuum with small or large bristles.

Long or short hair:

It depends on your family and pets that what kind of hair they have. If you have a long hair community at home, then you are supposed to buy a vacuum with an elongated pipeline to manage things at ease and avoid interruptions during work of cleaning.

Bissell 1650A is best for long hair pets. Dyson V10 Animal Cordless is best for small hair types.


Selecting the type of vacuum also involves your lifestyle and carrying routines. If you can do more work and you have leisure time then you must go for a heavy-duty vacuum with huge size as you have time to manage things, prefer Bissell 9595A Clean views.

On the other hand, people with tough routines must go for the handy vacuums like Dyson V 10 Animal Cordless. It is handy and portable.

Home type:

Homes may be big or small as per the needs of the families. If you have a big home, then cleaning tasks are quite challenging, you need to prefer a heavy-duty vacuum to manage things.

In this situation, Eureka Mighty Might Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner can be a priority. It has given awesome results in most of the homes.

Otherwise, if a small home manager is seeking for a vacuum, then he needs to give priority to a smart and small one for the purpose. In this situation, Hoover Linx Corded vacuum cleaner is the best option.

Features of vacuums:

Every vacuum has its specific features. It depends upon the buyer that what kind of features, he/she will prior as per home or office needs for cleanliness targets. The most challenging features of the vacuums are as under:

  • Bins
  • Accessories
  • Bristles
  • Suction power
  • Battery
  • Warranty


Some vacuums have smaller bins while others have majors. It depends upon cleaning operations that they will give out either lot of waste or less.

If a big bin is required as per tasks then one must prefer Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe vacuum cleaner. If you don’t need a bin then Dyson V10 is the best one.


Some accessories come along with the vacuum. Some people like to have extra suction pumps while others prefer to have more bins.

Some want attachment pipes with the vacuums to access heightened ceilings and sofa and bed lower. It depends upon needs that which one you will prefer.


If you have long and small hair problems at your home or workplace then its mandatory to prefer a vacuum having lot many bristles to capture hair at ease.

Here, Shark Ninja Canister is the best among all as its bristles are sharp and spiny to hold more hair types at ease.

Suction pump:

Suction pump potency is another commendable feature. Here we may find a lot many vacuums in the market with different pump categories.

A suction pump of Bissel Pet Hair Eraser 1650A is potent if we want to do heavy-duty tasks of cleaning.


Some vacuums offer battery which is chargeable and can carry in absence of electric supply as well. It can support vacuums to remote areas where we fail to get vacuum along with its electric wire.

Hoover Linx Cordless can be a priority if we are considering the battery as it comes in the market with extra batteries too. Their battery timing is also long-lasting.


Vacuums come in the market with a variety of warranties, starting from five-year warranties till one year warranty.

Robot Vacuum has the lowest warranty of one year only while other vacuums are offering long-lasting warranty duration.

Frequently Asked Questions – Vacuum Cleaners for Long Hairs:

Q1. Can human hair be vacuumed?

  1. Concisely, yes human hairs can be vacuumed. You have to use an accurate machine that would have tangle free technology. Cleaning human hair through vacuum is so easy just like waking in the park.

Q2. What is the way to clean bagless vacuum in the best way?

  1. There is a disadvantage of bagless vacuum that dirt gets into all the edges of cup. You have to clean the cup in every few months each year. This depends on the time you vacuum. You can clean the cup in a warm water with soap. Rather than this, you can use a sponge and clean it.

Q3. When to change and clean the filters?

  1. This point is different for all the vacuums. This also depends on the type of filter you have. Generally, your washable filter will last for about three to six months before it requires cleaning. Besides, the disposable filter lasts for about an year or two when it needs to replaced.

Q3. During vacuuming, how you can avoid static shock?

  1. There are some particular ways to avoid static shock while vacuuming. Using vacuum with rubber hose seems to shock less as it doesn’t have good electricity conduction. For this, you can get and install a rubber hose in your house. Besides this, you can also get a humidifier at the point you need to clean. It will shut down the electricity for your room. There are some sprays too that can prevent a static shock.

Q4. What is the way to clean brushroll?

  1. Most of the machines listed above in this guide does not allow hair collection. It only get done in some conditions. However, cleaning a brushroll is quite simple. All you need us to slide the pair of scissors below the fiber and cut.

Q5. Is a robust motor helpful for long hair vacuuming?

  1. Yes, it is helpful specifically for the hard floors. You are needed to have potential suction for picking long hairs off your floor. And keep in mind that strong suction only comes with strong motors.

Q6. Why the brush is not spinning onto the vacuum?

  1. Brush roller not spinning correctly is the issue that often occurs. You can observe this when your vacuum does not pick anything correctly. Check the belt, this can make your brush spin. Even if the belt is fine then your brushroller is needed to be cleaned or you can replace it.

Q7. Can I vacuum sand?

  1. Vacuuming sand is not recommended. The heavy sand will surely damage your vacuum cleaner of any high budget you have. Apart, soft sand is also harder to pick by vacuum. Only consider a potent suction vacuum cleaner for picking soft sand.

Q8. Can baking soda ruin vacuum?

  1. Yes baking soda can always ruin the motors of your vacuums. Even if the clear suction area of vacuum is sealed (this comes in modern vacuums) still baking soda finds its way inside and ruins the functioning of motor. Therefore, it is never recommended to use baking soda in vacuum cleaner.

Q9. Is Carpet powder okay for vacuums?

  1. The carpet powder that is just a fine powder similar to baking soda is not usable for vacuums. Even using it is entirely prohibited. This will surely ruin the filters and whole vacuum cleaner too. Furthermore, this will also limit over the airflow. It will put all the not required dusts into the air and destroy the motor and filters of your vacuum cleaner.

Q10. How much time I can vacuum my home?

  1. Home experts suggest to vacuum the carpets and rugs twice in a week. You can use it more on certain high traffic areas. You should daily vacuum your home if you have pets.


In a nutshell, all the vacuums are good as well as not good at the same time. It purely depends on the customer that what does he/she is seeking.

If a customer wants a light weighed vacuum then he/she will surely prefer small and smart vacuum so it becomes best for him/her.

While on the other hand, if a person is searching for a big vacuum for home then he/she must prefer long and big vacuum and it becomes the best for her/him.

So better to highlight your options and priorities before selecting the type of vacuum otherwise it will be troublesome if you buy first and plan to buy later.

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