5 Best Multi-purpose Steam Cleaners in 2020

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To keep your home clean and tidy without the use of any sort of chemicals, you need to consider steam cleaning. It is quite helpful as it pressurizes steam and sanitizes the surface, cleans the floor and fabric deeply, and removes stains too.

Moreover, steam cleaner with the use of steam cleaner is excellent for small children and pets. It just not cleans your home but also leaves your home with a refreshing minor. That’s quite fortunate that there is an excellent choice of best multi-purpose steam cleaners out there you can have.

Comparison of Top 5 Best Multi-purpose Steam Cleaner

Dupray Neat Multipurpose Steam CleanerUp to 275°F7 minutes1600 ml, 50 minCheck Price
Pure Enrichment, Pure Clean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner-8 minutes1500 ml, 45 minCheck Price
Steamfast SF-370WH Multipurpose Steam Cleaner200° F8 minutes45 ounce, 45 minCheck Price
McCulloch Mc1275 Canister Steam Cleaner-8 minutes48 ounce, 45 minCheck Price
Homegear X100 Professional Multi-Surface Portable Steam Cleaner284° F7-8 minutes0.26 gallons, 37.5 minCheck Price

Detailed Review of Best Multi-purpose Steam Cleaner

After a lot of research we have here gathered the list and details of five best multi-purpose steam cleaners.

We have also mentioned a detailed buyer guide that will help you in making a selection while you are at the shop.
So let’s begin;

#1 Dupray Neat Multipurpose Steam Cleaner:

Quick Features

  • It is an excellent steamer as it may take the steam to the superheating level of 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It asks for only 50 minutes of limited time for a fill-up.
  • It helps the floor cleaning process by aid of the wet towel.

It is truly an exceptional variety of steamer as it is ding the cleaning operations in an organized manner. The outcoming steam is quite hot to an elevated level, which is proof of killing the germs and bacteria. This unit is trustworthy in completing the cleaning operations reliability.

An additional tank is also available with the product which is supporting its outlook. It cleans the things quickly, and even it is intended to complete the tasks in less than 50 minutes limited and estimated time.

It is supporting your cleaning programs with the support of a couple of helping entities. These entities are also known as its attachments. It is working exactly as it is advertised; it is doing cleaning chores neatly plus tidily.

it is acting as a multi-purpose home cleaner with the support of a properly steaming mechanism which is going to complete the task in the right manner. This is a professional unit which may add to your home services’ ease.

It also has an additional hose which is almost 6 feet long. This is supporting each and everything available in the room, which is approximately 8 feet length needed while doing the cleaning operations in the house.

It also helps while cleaning the crown mouldings. This type of cleaner is used to help out the user to get more from the simple machine, indeed. It has surprising timing to complete the chores. It takes the defined limit of time, which is strong support for the user.

  • It gives the ideal hot level of steam which is appreciated by users.
  • It has a broad head, which is suitable for multiple jobs.
  • 54 oz. The tank is the right support for the users.
  • It has a couple of attachments which are accurate to work.

  • It might get overflow as it seems more cumbersome than smaller units when having wholly filled with the liquid.
  • Steam is a dangerous thing, so it asks for extreme vigilant and precautions while availing it.

#2 Pure Enrichment, Pure Clean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner:

Quick Features

  • It is highly potent with 1500 watts of energy features.
  • It has 18 deep cleaning accessories for the support of the users.
  • The long power cord is an ideal thing which is claiming to do more for the product.
  • It avails the pressurized steam, which seems to be more potent for the job.

It has the option of a three-point wheel system, which is helping it to be at ease while being lifted up and down. It is true helps in moving it from place to place. You may come to know about the unit’s timing limit of water ending by hose alerting mechanism.

This multi-purpose steam cleaner is tremendous as the warning alert of the steam finishing time is significant support to refill it in the proper time limit to continue the operations going on. Its heating time limit is 8-10 minutes approximately. In this time, it is almost ready to start the activities for you.

It may sustain the heating of the steam for a limit of 50 minutes, which sounds a better limit of time to continue the operations with confidence and sharpness. Its steam is judged to be potent in addition to the vast size of the tank which is going to be an aid while availing it at home.

It is quick as it has experimented and pre-tested too, the testing operations showed that it cleans up the stains at a fast pace. It works on all kinds of debris also. The pure quality plus quantity of the steam available in the product elaborations is support in adjusting the steam power in actual senses.

It works as a professional steamer, and it can do elaborated carpet cleaning plus long-lasting annually planned home chores at a proper pace. It may do the tasks stepwise and complete the cleaning operations professionally.

  • It is providing intense pressure from steam for cleaning the households.
  • It is supporting your work with the addition of 18 accessories which is more than enough for a steam vacuum.
  • It supports 1500 watts of power which is a good idea.
  • It heats up in 8-10 minutes which is a short time.

  • It is not functional for stairs, as it slips down recurrently.
  • It is massive in size, so lifting it is a challenging task.

#3 Steamfast SF-370WH Multipurpose Steam Cleaner:

Quick Features

  • It is an actual steam cleaner with the range of 1500 watts power support.
  • It works non-stop for 45 minutes.
  • It has additional accessories, and they are 15 in total.
  • It has a potent ability to lock on the continuous steam available in the machine.

It sounds a heavy-duty machine as per its functions and structure. It has 45 ounces of water capacity available for the user. This shows that it is quite capable of doing challenging tasks as well as simple ones. It is multi-purpose.

It starts the job by heating up in the time limit of 8 minutes approximately. Once it is done, then it will be functional for 45-50 minutes non-stop. It has a weight of about 8.4 pounds which sounds less while seeing its challenging job.

It is movable from place to place, and you may carry it to different zones of your home once it is pre-heated and the steam is ready to be employed. This will be helpful and work correctly if you are going to manage its movement too.

It has a power cord of almost 15 meters long, which is additional support for the movement of the product. You may take it to the elevated areas for cleaning operations like curtains and roofs.

It is an exceptional case for adding up for the perfect job done in the right time limit. It can enter the nooks and corners of the home for cleaning chores because of the elongated limit of cord available to you.

  • It is lightweight and portable for using at ease.
  • It is an excellent choice for multiple tasks at home.
  • It has steam available for 50 minutes, and it seems hotter.
  • It has a lock on the system which may save steam usage.
  • It is suitable for sturdy and elevated zones of the home.

  • It is not having any kind of carpet attachment.
  • Its attachments are rough, and they get damaged quickly after continuous usage.

#4 McCulloch Mc1275 Canister Steam Cleaner:

Quick Features

  • It has 48-ounces of the water tank, which is a high capacity to maintain the operations.
  • It has 18 accessories which are such a support for users.
  • It is providing an extra-long cord which may help the users.
  • It is also having an extra-long hose for steam balancing.
  • It works on the scheme of proper supply of steam which is chemical-free.

It is correctly identified and idealized for completing the deep and extended cleaning operations in the home. It is having the support for the deep cleaning operations of the house. It is also having low price so one may count it among the most affordable steam cleaners at the moment.

It has an extra-long cord which is giving ideal support to the device. This is a beautiful idea to manage the device as it can be moved anywhere from place to place for complicated chores as well as simple ones.

It is using a simple but profound hose, which is going to manage the pressure stability with expertise. This area of the steamer is a genuine help in completing the chores at the right time and with full comfort as well.

It can access the high roofs and underneath the beds at ease. This is only possible for its proper cord which is a massive help for the user. It has control over its pressure which is support in balancing of the device while using it after steam adjustments.

The multiple accessories, almost 18, are the additional support that we have while using the product. This support may comfort the functioning of the product as per locations and areas to be cleaned with it. They are adding to their versatility and multiple task ability.

  • It has plenty of attachments which have a unique role for installation of the steam cleaner.
  • The extra-long hose plus cord play an actual role in its adjustments every time.
  • It is an excellent choice for large and full homes.
  • It has valued for being available at a low price.
  • It is a correct steam cleaner with the potent supply of steam for the tasks.

  • It is not portable; this is why it is not recommended for small jobs.
  • It seems less potent as compared with other steam cleaners.
  • It is non-functional on stairs and curved areas.

#5 Homegear X100 Professional Multi-Surface Portable Steam Cleaner:

Quick Features

  • It is comprised of a smaller unit which is easy to carry from place to place.
  • It heats up in 8-10 minutes limit of time.
  • It may carry approximately 0.26 gallons of water at the moment.
  • It is following the principle of anti-over heating which may support its stability.
  • It is a correct superheated steam cleaner.

It is counted among the low cost and the best steam cleaner as it is supporting the work truly but offering the services at a low price. It heats the steam to the level of 280 degrees of Fahrenheit, which is an ideal temperature for steam balancing.

It is an actual level of heating temperature, which is going to clean the areas hygienically. It is giving the right support for compensating the work with cleansing as well as removing the viruses plus bacteria so the normal cleaning process will be followed.

It has a hose which is almost 5 feet which is good and is supporting the lightweight of the product. It is best for medium-sized jobs and also a good idea for the support of the cleanups at ease. It lacks highly pressurized steam capabilities which are a feature needed to be added in the plan.

It is best for the medium-level of jobs as it is not supporting the complicated jobs for the cleaning operations. It is also having some of the necessary attachments which are quite enough to make it run while performing the chores at home.

It is also not having supportive accessories. This is why one may have to manage it with the aid of more and more balancing. It is not a quick and handy kind of device; this is why you are supposed to be in working if it is asking for balancing.

  • It is light in weight so you may pick it from place to place.
  • It has superheated water for use.
  • It is small so that you may use it in stairs plus curved zones of your home.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It is not an expensive device, indeed.

  • It offers 5 feet hose only.
  • It has low power efficiency available for the user.

Elaborated Buying Guide:

Keeping in view the trends and variations in the needs of the people as per diversity of the job style and outlook of working areas, one may have a review of the following section to know about the buying preferences in details. Let us see it!


It is essential to consider the size of the cleaner as it is the main thing while you are buying it. If you have a house with stairs, then better to prefer the lightweight cleaner instead of heavier. This will be supporting the idea of carrying it with you upstairs and downstairs during working.

On the other hand, if you have a single-storey house, then it is better to follow the pattern of a big steam cleaner. It will support you to manage the chores comfortably and potently. This will be adding to the facility of more work at ease. The things will be smooth as you are going to have it at a single place, not a lot of carrying is needed, so it is easy to keep it at home at ease.


The additional accessories are also preferable as per the needs of the job. If the variety of chores are there, like minor cleanings as well as major ones in addition to the elevated roof areas plus curtains, then better to prefer the accessories having extra support for you. These accessories will be a support to make your chores quick plus easy. This will be time-saving too.

On the other side of the thought, if you think that you have to do simple chores or probably just carpet cleaning, then better to go for the accessories which have the proper availability of carpet cleaner as it might be missing in some steam cleaner versions.


This is a feature that is needed for those who want to go for elegant homes, and they need to have the things incompatible form. The most compatible ones are helpful as they can be kept in small areas like under the beds or tables. If you cannot manage to have a big store to maintain the accessories of households, then better to prefer the portable steam cleaner.


It is a must to have the brand with the right market value. Don’t trust all the brands as they might be perplexing you. It is a must to be focused on trustworthy plus kind brands. The reputation of the brand is an important feature, indeed. This will be helpful as the warranty is also available with reliable brands that might safe you in future.


It is a feature in which we see the specific feature like it might be having a lot of facilities at a single time. Like, it should be able to have more water as well as it should be light in weight. It should be having a plethora of accessories, but it should also be ready to go upstairs and downstairs.

The variety may let you know that it is the support for you. It will help you out to work at ease plus work for long hours uninterrupted too. The support for the versatility will be let us do more with fewer efforts.


This feature is giving you an idea of work safety; this will be helping as it will be motivating the user to be at ease while working. The security can be in many ways; for instance, it can be electric shock safety, which is essential because it needs to be added for staying safe from the jerks of electricity.

Another safety is about the balancing plus managing stability of the steam. This will be aiding the user in multiple ways; the user will feel sound and happy if he will find it OK even if it is unchecked, the steam cleaners with the issue of rick and low quality may lead to the accidents due to steam unbalancing feature.

Environment –friendly:

This feature may support you to have the plus point of hygiene at home; the hygienic balance is pretty outstanding. It is a fact that most of the steam cleaners are supporting the idea of cleaning via supports of proper virus and bacteria-killing but still if the balance is available in an excellent way and support of the medical then it is a must to prefer the eco-friendly one. Disinfectants and deodorants’’ compatibility can be counted as an environment-friendly feature, for instance.

Another eco-friendly thought is linked with the stability of the issues like managing the debris disposal and cleaning of the steam cleaner at the end. It is a must feature as it is talking about the balance of more and more clean technologies for the users.

What makes a steam cleaner top listed among others?

It is a reality that we ask for the best whenever we go to buy the products; this is possible by weighing the positive and negative features to justify the value of the product. A product can be more working if it has more positives while if it has more negatives then better to rethink before going for the product.

It also depends upon your home outlook plus your working timing, and big homes have different needs as compared to the smaller ones. Work styles are also different for different styles of homes, like carpets or woodwork, both ask for different patterns of steam cleaners.

It is also a point in consideration that you should be having cleaning targets as per the style of the home like if you have stairs, for instance, then you need to have a different version of steam cleaner instead of those who are buying a specific one for a single-storey house. Some of the individual traits that may make it accessible and trendy among all are discussed here.