5 Best Leaf Vacuums With Blower and Mulcher Options 2020

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Imagine having just one tool that can easily clean all the leaves in your yard. In place of investing plenty of time in cleaning your yard, a single machine is able to such all gross at once and dispose of quite quickly, sounds great, right?

Definitely, it is something great that cleans better and saves your time too. Now you should also ease your life a bit and buy the best leaf vacuum mulcher available in the market. Here are the 5 best vacuum mulcher options, from which you can consider buying. Below mentioning detailed review over it to let you know about the product in detail;

Comparison of Top 5 Best leaf vacuums with Blower and Mulcher

Detailed Review of Best leaf vacuums with Blower and Mulcher

After a lot of research we have here gathered the list and details of five best leaf vacuums with Blower and Mulcher.

We have also mentioned a detailed buying guide that will help you in making a selection while you are at the shop. So let’s begin;

#1 Dupray Neat Multipurpose Steam Cleaner:

If you are seeking to have a vacuum cleaner that might be able to do better for both indoor plus outdoor, then this type is the right choice as it is going to support you o be a successful user for availing it both in dry and wet zones at your home.

Quick Features

  • It has a brushless motor that is going to support the balance of the machine. It may work at a better speed for a long time.
  • It is supportive this is why the world has it with less wear and tear. It is long-lasting and works for a lifetime.
  • It has variable speed up to the speed of 185 mph to make it clean up for the significant rough areas. It has the efficiency to reach elevated rates to get more output.
  • It is versatile in use with higher capability. It is offering multiple modes for working.
  • It can work both on wet as well as dry areas. It shows no distortion or cut down during working time. Its speed is smooth plus user friendly.
  • It speeds up the work power. It does it quickly.
  • Extensions are user-friendly as they are going to add to the support for extended zones and long distant areas.

It is a good idea to clean the lawn and indoors regularly. This product is of massive support for the purpose. It is going to help you out, even if you are going to avail it usually. It is working with good speed and potency; this is why it completes the tasks in time. Its extensions are helpful and are portable too. This feature may do the work winding up fast.

It has versatile features that may adjust it for a variety of chores. It is not a must to do all the tasks in one mode. This is helping out to get the jobs done in varied methods via proper support and monitoring of the product.

  • It is compatible and quick in doing its job.
  • It is versatile and systematic in use.

  • It is portable but heavy in weight.
  • It has an exhausting cleaning mechanism.


#2 Toro 51619 Electric Blower Vac Mulcher:

It is a large blower which is supporting the chores comfortably and quickly. It is having the idea of a more soothing effect after the work is done. One may have it with the slim size and beautiful display, which adds to the joy of work time.

Quick Features

  • It works till 250 mph degrees which is such a speed limit for the job.
  • It has improved the mulching feature, which is making the jobs more comfortable than before. It ends up work within no time.
  • It is genuinely the top-rated air horsepower blower which is having a speed above the expectations.
  • It s excellent and ideal speed limit is a genuine help for throwing the leaves and materials way from the zone.
  • It is pre-tested in the laboratory for the blowing power; surprisingly, it works above the expectations for clearing away the lawn debris after windy and rainy days.
  • It has a corded blower which is adding to the efficiency of the work. It supports and motivates the material and its functions.
  • It is having 3 in 1 machine feature which is boosting up its job.
  • It has a metal impeller which is going to drive the power to improve the speed all the time.
  • It has an attached latch which is quick in release while cleaning the product.
  • The attached bag is such tremendous support. It is a dump bag which is going to be with a zipper to keep the debris not to be spread around.
  • It has a setup lock which is a built-in adjustable lock for the cord.
  • It can be hanged by the aid of a cord storage hook.

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The beautiful and stunning design of the blower is adding to its features. It is compatible with lightweight. It is supporting the machine with secure storage and portability features. Toro is rated as first via working channels.

It has multiple functions visible in its elaborates. It is a potent blower, and you may enjoy cleaning the indoor plus outdoor and keep on enjoying its services for long. It becomes aggressive while working to wind up chores quickly.

  • It is not heavy in weight so easy to carry.
  • It has a hook which is making it easy to hang as per needs.

  • It has high blow power, so sometimes one may fail to carry it.


#3 Worx WG518 Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vac:

It is a beautiful example of the blower which is going to help support the cleaning operations at home and workplace both. It is coming to you with the aid of mulcher and vacuum too. It has a supporting handle which helps keep it on the shoulder.

Quick Features

  • It is having a potent speed of about 250 mph air pushing power. It is supplied with handed aid.
  • It has a mulch ration 16:1
  • It is quite light in weight; this is why it is pretty easy to use. It is helping out to carry from place to place as well.
  • It works with the power source of 120 V AC.
  • It has multiple accessories that may be decisive in availing different ones for different areas.
  • It is having a click between the movement of blowing and mulching.
  • It has 2-speed control provides diversity for both massive and smooth operations.
  • It has multiple bushels that are an aid for adjusting the support of most of the products.

It is light in weight with such a beautiful shoulder bag handle which is supporting the idea of more help and stability while working. It is becoming handier for having additional support features. It is stable while working and doesn’t offer back pushes. People consider it a massive help as it is gentle and active in working features.

It has multiple accessories which may add to the work support. It truly gives a variety of options to apply for the stability and working of the blower, vacuum or mulcher. It is 3 in 1 at a time which is such a help for the user. This varied feature may add to the support and confidence of the user. They may avail it as per the needs of the job they are going to do with its help.

  • It is 3 in 1, and it can be vacuum, mulcher or blower.
  • It is easy to carry the support for shoulders.

  • It is having less blow as it is 3 in 1.


#4 Black+Decker BV6000 Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum:

It is coming to you with the serene tinted beauty of black colour. It is also handy and compatible. The attraction is not only in colour but in accessories and supportive features that are adding to its trendier outlook positively.

Quick Features

  • It is having the 3 in 1 feature, which is adding to its diversity. It can do multiple tasks. This is why I liked by a plethora of users.
  • It has 1 Amp speed which is such a help in the current era in the limit of blowers.
  • It is cleaning the leaf and debris quickly. It is a support for both dry and wet zones equally.
  • It is weighing 8.1 pounds which is not very much to carry it at ease.
  • It can be an ideal vacuum for a variety of debris range such as leaves, clips, twigs, pins, dust, etc.
  • It has a diffuser for the detachable shoulder strap which is easy to keep it carry on the shoulder. The bag has a reuse-able assembly.
  • It has a speed of 250 miles to blow away the dry plus wet debris as soon as possible.
  • It has a blow tube too, which is not elongated so pressure should not go down. It is helpful in blow processing at a fast pace.
  • It is not recommended for gaseous environments as it might sparks over there.

It is an ideal choice for cleaning the driveways and the setups on the front of the home. It makes the final look neat and tidy via proper blow. It is important to restart it while working as the restart may make it active and working in a better way for the user.

One may prefer it for multiple reasons, especially the work beauty that it is going to add to your job at the time of work. It is such help that it may do more in a short time but in a better way to be appreciated by the viewers plus users both.

  • It is such a help to the users as it is highly portable.
  • It has an ideal size which is going to fit the zones as per needs.

  • It has a small size.
  • blows pressure in a backward direction


#5 Toro 51609 Ultra Blower/Vac/Mulcher:

Toro is offering another beautiful model which is having more or less same features as its other models have. Still, some modifications have added to the support of the product in the right manner. It has space which is liked by the users. It is mostly preferred for its ideal size and modifications in design via proper look.

Quick Features

  • It is an ultra 3 in 1 product which may be acting as multiple products for the taste of the user.
  • It has a rugged metal impeller which is supporting the balancing of the product correctly.
  • It has beautiful and working accessories which are truly helpful to the users.
  • They are having vacuum bags, blower tubes, operating manuals, plus power units. Al of them has special functions as per their names.
  • It has a correct cord-lock mode which is helpful while having the toddlers around the workplace. It keeps the product stable too.
  • It is a potent product, which is pretty useful to work quickly and rightly.
  • It is a clean plus efficient product which helps complete the chores in time.

It is such a smart and lightweight product that the user feels attraction for using it. It is supporting the whole family as multiple people may avail it with enough confidence. It has compatibility and power to do more in a short time. This is a unique feature. Its safety plus lock features are strong support for those who are having toddlers at home. It is giving you options for safety too. It has friendly features for the people; this is why it is preferred by the people vastly. It is 3 in 1, which is giving it an edge for being part of your home services. It additional support features and modifications seem to improve its work quality and speed both. This is making it unique plus attractive for the users to enjoy it in a better way at home.

  • It has lightweight, which is making it easy for handling.
  • It has a slim body which is making it attractive too
  • It is coming in an impressive outlook.

  • It has a balanced shape, but it gives jerks when used on high speed.


Leaf Vacuums Buying Guide – How You Can Choose The Best?:

Types of Leaf Vacuum Mulchers You can Buy:

The foremost thing needed to consider before buying a leaf vacuum is how it should be powered. Similar to the other yard tools, such type of things are available in varieties to enable you working the way you want. Here are the types of Vacuum Mulchers;

1. Electric Mulchers:

As its name suggests, the first type is the mulchurs powered with electricity. Such type of equipment have standard outlet power. To use these devices you need to consider an extension cord. The first and important benefit electric mulcher offer is that it is cheaper in price and durable in life.

you will not have to worry about its refueling. Moreover, it has lack of combustion that ends up with demanding less maintenance with time. Furthermore, it will satisfy you that electric leaf vacuums are eco friendly. These vacuums are lighter in weight, manageable and are not loud.

However, everything has benefits as well as downsides. Electric mulcher vacuum will tied you as it has a power cord. It is great for smaller size yards. But it will become a big hassle if you have a big yard and need to reach to the corner of your yard.

2. Gas Mulchers:

These gas vacuums are still very helpful and useful tool for your yard. In previous decades, such gas combustion engines were norm. it was, because of the power and flexibility this tool provides. Just by gas powered, it lets you work on your yard without any obstacle of cords.

Maybe you know that gas powered tools are powerful in comparison with electric-powered tools. Gas mulchers are the best option to consider for spacious yards and properties.

However, its downsides includes that it needs enough regular care. For upfront costs, it is affordable but it often need repairs. Also, gas tools ends up creating more pollution. Almost 30% of the fuel does not get combusted, this ends up with dangerous emissions. Noise pollution is another of its downsides.

3. Battery Mulchers:

This would be something great to consider having an eco-friendly electric vacuum that has the flexibility of gas powered mulcher. Maybe you think that’s not possible but actually it is. To avail this you should by battery-powered mulcher.

Such type of vacuums uses batteries as the supply of power. Definitely, the battery timings depend on the way and time you use your battery-powered vacuums. This enables you to have full control on how you want to work.
Also, you can buy more batteries if you want.

What to Consider While Buying a Leaf Vacuum Mulcher?

For sure, now you will be having much better clearance about the vacuums having blower and mulcher. Now here mentioning the features and other points you need to consider while buying a leaf vacuum with blower and mulcher options.


That’s obvious that prices always vary. Higher modules will cost more and lower modules will cost less. Keep in mind that a higher price product does not always supply a quality product. So you need to consider the features you want and the budget you can spend on.

Motor Power:

Power is something really important you need to consider. This determines how your vacuum will depend on. In this regard, you need to note your easiness. Get the power supply you will feel easy with. a gas supply requires regular maintenance, electrical once are limited because of cord but long-lasting, and battery supply requires charging.


Weight is also important. The weight of your vacuum depends on how it is comforting to use. Definitely, a heavy weight will not be easy to handle and you will feel tired. So get the one lighter in weight to let you use it easily.


The speed is also needed to consider. Get the motor that is speedy to work. there are motors that ends up producing different level of speed. So this is also considerable before you finally make a purchase. Buy according to your need that what speed you actually need.

Quality of Blade:

To cut down the leaves, impeller blades are important. a high quality of blade is essential to break the leaved after sucking. The blade quality is effective for the usefulness and durability of your vacuum mulcher. The cheap vacuums acquire plastic made modules, but that’s great at its work. they also not get damaged from hard debris. However metal blades are to another extent. It features in peak sharpness, they are tough and definitely always do great work.


No one ever wants to spend the whole of their fall season working in their yard to make it look clean and cool. in this regard, you should get a leaf vacuum mulcher to enjoy your cleaning activity along with enjoying the season.

Definitely, a machine will not take much of your time in comparison with directly working with your hands. In this writ, mentioned some of the best vacuums you can consider buying also here is the buying guide that will help you in buying your leaf vacuum with mulcher. Go through this before your final purchase to make the most out of your leaf vacuum mulcher.

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