Corded Stick Vacuums Here: Full List and Complete Guide

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Do you want to clean your home speedily? Are you sick of your vacuum that needs recharging frequently during the cleaning process? Do you want to change your vacuum? Does your vacuum cause scratch on bare floors?

If you are facing the above-mentioned issues, you need to change your vacuum cleaner instantly. This article will provide you useful information about the vacuum cleaners specifically about the corded stick vacuum cleaners and will guide you to make a wise decision while purchasing a vacuum.

Top Selling brands of Corded Vacuum Cleaners :

Corded stick vacuums have been gaining popularity due to easy to use technology. It not only saves the time of recharging rather cleaning process of the floor becomes easy and quick.

#1 Shark Flex Duo Clean (HV391)

Shark Flex Duo cleaner is among the top-rated vacuums. Let us have a look upon some of its pros:

    • Multiflex technology: This multi-flex technology provides flexibility to the vacuum while cleaning up process. Its flexibility allows cleaning under and sideways the furniture as well as offers compact storage.
    • Duo Clean technology: Duo cleaning allows cleaning with double brushes. A bristle brush allows the deep cleaning of floors and carpets and soft brush roll makes the floors shining like new polishing of the floors.
    • Versatile: Its handheld options enable the floor vacuum as well as above the floor cleaning quickly.
    • Anti-Allergen Seal: This technology traps the dust and rinses off the carpets and floors at the micro-level.
    • Dimensions & weight: 10.2 × 16.5 × 49 inches dimensions with 9.8 pounds make it extremely slim and compact.

#2 Eureka-Blaze-NES210


    • 3-D Design: 3-in-1 design enables you to customize your needs.
    • Swivel steering: Customized swivel steering helps to gear up the cleaning process sharp. Additionally, it helps to clean the required places efficiently.
    • Light-weighted: This Eureka Blaze weighs 4 pounds. You can move it anywhere and place anywhere; it is so easy to handle.
    • Powerful motors: This specific vacuum cleaner consists of a powerful motor function that drains the dust and every tiny object easily.
    • Washable filtration process: It contains washable filters that are easy to wash and wear-resistant. A washable filtration system catches the debris and enables a clean and environment-friendly technology.
    • Large capacity: A large canister for collecting dust and debris let you do your work faster and more efficiently. You need not empty the dust container while cleaning up the floors.
    • Durable: Its washable filtration and powerful motors make it a durable tech gadget.
    • Ideal for stairs: It is very comfortable to use on the stairs.

    #3 Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid



    This bagless vacuum cleaner is excellently designed. It looks like a broom, designed with the latest technology of cleaning, and much easy to assemble or place anywhere.

    • HEPA filtration system: This vacuum cleaner contains a HEPA filter that is of high quality and standardized filters make the filtration process more reliable and sharp.
    • Powerful motor: Its motor is of 9 amperes that increases the filtration and debris cleaning more compact and fast.
    • Power cord: Its long cord of 30-foot makes it’s handling easy at all kinds of spaces.
    • Durable: HEPA filters and long cord make it durable and increase the life of the vacuum cleaner.

    #4 iTvanila VAC-C1


    This bagless vacuum cleaner is excellently designed. It looks like a broom, designed with the latest technology of cleaning, and much easy to assemble or place anywhere.

    • 2-in-1 feature: Its dual function makes it distinctive in the range of vacuum cleaners. You can transform its long detachable handle stick design into handheld vacuum cleaners.
    • Rotatory Brushes: Its nylon bristles, soft carbon filaments, and 180-degree rotation of brushes enable the cleaning from under the sofas and other furniture accessories quickly. It surprisingly performs with the hidden dust, debris, tiny hairs, and other tiny objects to clean up.
    • Washable filters: Washable filters are high-quality filters that are usually resistant free. You need not change the filter at all. Just wash it with the water and let it dry. The washable filtration system in the iTvanila vacuum make sits a signature vacuum cleaner.
    • Easy to use dirt container: Its dirt container is transparent, you can easily see through when the container is filled with the debris. Just detach the container and through all debris in the dustbin without exposing yourself to the dust.

    #5 Hoover H-Lift 700


    Hoover corded stick vacuum weighs nearly 7 kg. Let us review its some distinctive features:

    • Capacity: this corded vacuum contains a large bin that can carry dust and other debris up to 1.5 liters. It saves your time by disposing of dust and trash time and again while sweeping the floors.
    • Micro-cleaning technology: Hoover vacuum performs best with pet hairs, tiny dirt particles or other micro garbage. All particles get stick inside while vacuuming.
    • Versatile: H-lift ability allows versatile functions while cleaning the stairs or other uneven areas. Its turbo tool can drain the debris from the corners you ignored.

    #6 HoLife Stick Vacuum and Handheld Vacuum


      • Suction power: The cyclonic technology of picking up dirt particles gives it a powerful suction. This feature allows increased the suction power up to 12 KPa with its protected filters. Efficient suction technology does not let any dirt outside the vacuum.
      • 2-1n-1 corded stick: Long corded stick and a handheld option make it appealing for the user. You can easily detach the corded stick and use it as a handheld vacuum.
      • Swivel Steering:Swivel steering option lets you clean the area up to 360 degrees in all directions. HoLife corded stick vacuum cleans all spaces in the home by moving freely including cornered wa3-D Design: 3-in-1 design enables you to customize your needs
      • Swivel steeringCustomized swivel steering helps to gear up the cleaning process sharp. Additionally, it helps to clean the required places efficiently.
      • Light-weightedThis Eureka Blaze weighs 4 pounds. You can move it anywhere and place anywhere; it is so easy to handle.
      • Powerful motorsThis specific vacuum cleaner consists of a powerful motor function that drains the dust and every tiny object easily.
      • Washable filtration processit contains washable filters that are easy to wash and wear-resistant. A washable filtration system catches the debris and enables a clean and environment-friendly technology.
      • Large capacityA large canister for collecting dust and debris let you do your work faster and more efficiently. You need not empty the dust container while cleaning up the floors.
      • DurableIts washable filtration and powerful motors make it a durable tech gadget. 
      • Ideal for stairsIt is very comfortable to use on the stairs. lls, edges of the rooms, and stairs.  
      • 4-step cleaning system: This vacuum technology cleans the floor and other accessories in 4-steps. Floor brush, dusting brush, filter, and crevice technology allows access in every corner of the room immediately. 
      • Safe filtration systemHEPA washable filter can catch up all dust particles, cleaning the environment to 99.97 %.   
      • Compact cleaning technologyThis exclusive vacuum weighs less than 4 pounds that make it extremely easy to use and comfortable handling. Unlike other heavy and large vacuum cleaners, you will not get tired definitely.

    Features of Corded Stick:

    Although different vacuum cleaner manufacturing companies equip their cleaning tools with various technologies, yet there are some common features. These are some specific features that you can search for before deciding to purchase a corded stick vacuum:

    Lengthy Cord: A long stick of vacuum enables cleaning from all spaces. You can move the cord in every area freely due to the reasonable length of the cord.

    Cyclone technology: The latest vacuums consist of cyclone technology. Cyclonic technology allows the dust and garbage to move inside the vacuum in the rotatory motion. But only bag fewer models load with cyclonic technology.

    Suction Technology: Suction technology is a remarkable feature that is present in corded vacuums. The more suction power the better vacuum cleaner is. Suction power feature exists within all types of cordless and corded vacuums but there is a great difference in vacuums.

    Cordless vacuums operate on the batteries that require charging time and again after usage thus suction power is much lower in these kinds of vacuums. On the other hand, corded stick vacuums operated by the electricity have excellent suction power up to 10 amperes. Why do you need a vacuum cleaner? The answer is to remove debris, dirt, and garbage. So the vacuum cleaner that features with more suction power leads to the removal of debris and dirt sharply.

    Capacity: Though the capacity of the vacuum cleaners varies ranging from one to six liters, some have a capacity up to nine liters also. Large capacity may make the cleaner heavier and fully bagged vacuums may probably affect the performance of suction technology.

    Lightweight: Stick vacuums are light weighted. The smart and slim design of the corded stick vacuum cleaner allows working with a vacuum without getting tired.

    Avoids disturbance and time wastage: Corded vacuum cleaners are easy to use in a way that once you have plugged in the vacuum, you can finish cleaning without any disturbance. On the other hand, cordless stick vacuums are based on rechargeable batteries these batteries are irritating.

    When you start working and within half an hour batteries need charging again, what will you do? Of course, it will consume more time. Especially when you have large spaces to vacuum that takes more time; going on with the corded stick vacuum is the best choice.

    Anti-allergen seals: The anti-allergen seal is also another appealing feature that corded vacuum cleaner contains. These seals enable us to catch all dust from a certain area.

    Brush Bar: Upright or cylindrical vacuum cleaner consists of a brush bar that cleans the floor smoothly leaving no garbage or dust particles. Beater brush bar features with rotating mechanisms that extract all dust from the required cleaning area.

    Adjustable handle: An adjustment of the handle allows you to clean the carpet as close as possible. Additionally, you can clean from under the furniture also with the low profile handle.

    Long Cable: The lengthy cable of vacuum allows cleaning a large area by plugging in corded vacuums consists of long cables up to 12 meters.

    Edge to Edge Cleaning system : Some vacuums provide an adjustable approach. You can clean all corners of the room from one wall to another easily and you have not to rely on attachments.

    Filtration : All kinds of vacuums are equipped with filters especially vacuums with cyclone technology consist of quality filters. Vacuums with premotor and post-motor filters clean the air inside the bin while exiting from the vacuum. Filtration process in a vacuum enables the air clean that comes outside the cleaner to vacuum the floor or any required space.

    It is necessary to know about the various types of filters. A filter in a cleaner is such a distinctive feature that can guide you about the quality and working of vacuum cleaners better. Filters are usually available in three varieties:

    • Standard Filters: You will find standard filters in the cheaper vacuum cleaners. Standard filters allow some dirt particles to pass through thus making the room environment a bit dusty. Standard filters reduce the work efficiency of the vacuum cleaners as they do not guarantee a dust allergy-free environment.
    • Washable filters: Filters are usually replaced after the use of every 6 to 12 months. Now washable filters are also available that are wear-free and can be cleaned with the water only to keep its performance at the best.
    • S-Class/ Hepa Filters:  S-class or Hepa filters are the best cleaning filters. If you or any family member has asthma or allergen problems, choose a vacuum containing this filter, as it cleans the dust about 99.9 % from your home floor.

    The latest technology in cleaning tools has made the daily home chores easy. Now vacuums are also available as filterless but only top quality vacuums contain this feature.

    Another appealing feature is lifetime filters. Usually, filters need replacement after a few months usage, now lifetime filters are available in the market that is wear-free and lasts for 5 to 10 years. But such features are found in expensive vacuums only.

    Types of Vacuum Cleaners:

    Before moving further, it is better that you must know about the types of vacuum cleaners. This article will continuously discuss the comparison of the corded sticks with other types of vacuum cleaners proving how corded stick vacuum is the best choice.

    This comparison will guide you better about the remarkable features of the corded stick vacuums as well as the features of other ones also. Let us have a look upon the basic types of vacuum cleaners available in the market:

    Canister Vacuum cleaners
    Canister vacuums as the name suggest that they contain a storage canister. When you start vacuuming the floor or carpet, it starts storing in a canister that is attached to the sucking section. Canister vacuum cleaners have various attachments that can be separated as per requirement. These attachments help to reach in tough and narrow areas of the floor easily.

    Stick vacuum cleaners
    Stick cleaners are designed to slim and upright structure makes it feasible to clean the required area immediately. Stick vacuums are useful on carpets, bare floors and rug. Lightweight stick cleaners are easy to use as they suck all garbage and dust in the bag attached to it. It can easily move under and around the furniture and other home accessories.

    Although the stick vacuum is slim and due to low weight easy to handle, yet there are some drawbacks to it. These cannot handle a large amount of garbage, especially when you want to work on a dirty and larger area, its performance will frustrate you. 

    The performance of the stick vacuums is not satisfactory on the carpets. Stick vacuums are unable to clean deeply the carpets and rugs leaving dust and other particles in that.

    Robot Vacuums
    Robot vacuums are based on the latest form of vacuum technology. Robots map out the whole house or area you require to clean and start working. Robotic vacuums are excellent to use. You can program the robot for this purpose while you are out of the house or even in the night time also. Robotic vacuums can be operated from the remote as well as some robot vacuums need charging to work.

    A drawback of robotic vacuums is that they have a low capacity as compared to large-sized vacuum cleaners. So they cannot perform well with the messy larger chunks of garbage on your floor.

    Upright vacuum cleaners
    Upright vacuum cleaners are the most used and famous vacuums. Upright vacuums are among the best cleansing option. They rigorously clean your house by draining all dust and garbage outside the house.

    Some other models of vacuum include:

    Corded Vs. Cordless Vacuum
    Corded vacuums are usually plugged in the socket to stat vacuuming while cordless vacuums work with the help of rechargeable batteries. As discussed earlier, corded vacuums are suitable for larger spaces when you have to clean a great messy area. On the contrary to it, batteries of the cordless vacuums need charging after at least half an hour, thus they are suitable only for little cleaning spaces.

    Bagged Vs. bagless vacuum 
    Vacuums with Bags are the best choice if any family member suffers from asthma or allergen issues. Bags avoid dust to come again in the room. Exposure to the dust is minimal in case of a bagged vacuum. Bagged vacuums sometimes become costly, as you have to dispose of bags when it gets filled with the dirt.

    Bagless vacuum cleaners have canisters attached to them. Canisters are transparent so that all dirt and garbage remain visible. A drawback of the canisters is to clean with water and dry in the sunlight to avoid smell and maintenance issues. Thus, a person using the canister vacuum has to face dirt exposure more while cleaning the canister daily.

    How can you choose the best among the large range of vacuum cleaners?

    Are you confused now with so much information? Let us relieve your confusion. When you move into the market to shop a vacuum cleaner, there is such a great range of brands with awesome features that you are unable to decide what to purchase and what to reject? Here are some specific factors that you need to keep in mind while deciding on the vacuum:

    Corded stick vacuums are available at reasonable prices. Hence, you might know well that a vacuum with a high price has extra performing features, durable hardware and reasonable capacity.

    If you go to an electronic mall, choose a well-known company of vacuum cleaners. A quality brand of vacuum cleaner consists of many appealing features. You will find a vacuum from many unknown companies that will offer you vacuums at a cheap price. Choose a quality brand for satisfactory services.

    Location of usage
    On what type of floor you want to use a vacuum. What will be your choice in each case when your house has bare floors, wall to wall carpets or a few rugs only? Location consideration is of great importance when talking about vacuums.

    If you have bare floors of wood or marble, you should choose a vacuum carefully. As if your vacuum is not compatible with the floor or cleaning place, it may leave scratches and marks on the floor. 

    Vacuum designed for hard floors contain brushes that sweep the garbage and dirt efficiently. Another important feature for the vacuums sweeping the hard or wood floors is that they have many attachments along with. You can separate the different attachments according to the requirement; these attachments help to clean under the furniture, accessories and, other tough areas to reach. 

    Contrary to it, vacuum cleaners used for wall to wall carpets are designed with such technology that drains all lingering and embedded particles from the carpet. There is no fear of scratches while working on the carpets or rugs.  

    Precautionary measures:

    Whatever corded stick vacuum you select, you need to clean up these electronic brooms after finishing the work. Choose a reasonable and safe place to avoid mishandling and damage to it. Keep washing the dust containers and take great care of filters. If you will not take care of the tech a lifetime guaranteed tool will also get damaged and out of order. 
    Vacuum cleaners or electronic brooms have become an essential cleaning tool these days. When you know the quality features and top brands of cleaning technology, it becomes easy to choose among the vast pool of the vacuum cleaners. Every brand claims the best services by its products.

    Knowing the distinctive features may lead you to the right choice for the home cleaning. Additionally, before deciding on a vacuum, keep the price of the product in your mind. The higher the technology you choose the higher the price it contains.