5 Best Computer Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2020

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The computer vacuum cleaner aids you to prevent the peripherals of your device from all sort of debris like dust, dirt, and crumb. It usually happens that debris gets accumulated into the device and it can jam the peripherals of your device or it can make things fuss within your software.

You may know that keyboard is the first and most affected because debris easily get into the gaps in between the keys of keyboard.

Here comes the need to computer vacuum cleaner. Using it will not let your computer suffer because of dirt of mess.

Comparison of Top 5 Best Computer Vacuum Cleaner

Simply, a computer vacuum cleaner is a functional tool for the cleaning of dust and dirt out from your keyboard and other computer peripherals. You may find a lot of items that are in variant size and shapes for their respective items.

So a computer vacuum cleaner is particularly created for the cleaning of computer items and this makes computer cleaning easy and simpler for you.

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After a lot of research we have here gathered the list and details of five best computer vacuum cleaners that you can have for the cleaning of your computer devices.

We have also mentioned a detailed buyer guide that will help you in making a selection while you are at the shop.
So let’s begin;

#1 Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac Vacuum:

Whenever you get a vacuum for your computer cleaning, you need to assure that it result in generating anti static electricity because static electricity is not good for your computer.

This is the place where metro Vacuum get fits. Actually, it is a vacuum blower that is liable to get used for the cleaning of your overall computer and its peripherals. It is ideal to aid with canned air as it can result in creating fuss with the functionality of your computer peripherals.

Quick Features

  • Its weight is just 2.75 pounds
  • It acquires a power cord of 12 feet
  • It has a steel made body
  • It is a long lasting design
  • It comes with several types of nozzles
  • It acquired additional accessories
  • It generates almost 0.7 horsepower

This of the computer vacuum cleaner arrives with a lot of interesting features. Its package includes the air concentrator nozzle, air flare nozzle, and a air pin pointer nozzle. Along with all this, it also has a micro cleaning kit that assists you in blowing out all the air and dirt particles from each of the tough areas.

After our through research we came to know that this is the vacuum that has quite huge user base. A lot of people trust this vacuum and go for it because of the features and durability it offers.

It is lighter in weight and longer to last. So whenever you will be planning to get a computer vacuum cleaner that this one will not disappoint you.

  • It has powerful blower
  • Its design is long lasting and stylish
  • It acquires plenty of accessories
  • It is great to clean canned air

  • It get heated up faster
  • It generated noise
  • It is corded

#2 Livion Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner:

Livion Mini Desk get perfectly fits if you want to have a elegant looking computer vacuum cleaner that is supported with a lot of powerful and advance features. This of the computer vacuum cleaners is trusted by a vast user base.

This is the cleaner that is able to make you get rid of all stiff and tough debris and dust particles from your computer device. Moreover, another of its great point is that it is a multi-function vacuum cleaner, so it allows you to clean your desktop and kitchen appliances too.


Quick Features

  • It has exclusive features for dirt extraction
  • It acquires three different sweepers result in giving ultimate performance
  • It is cordless design that is convenient to work with
  • It has a lot of color options
  • It has decent quality and look on off buttons

Livion Mini Desk Vacuum comes with three variant sweepers that aids in extracting all the dust and dirt out from each of the areas including tough points. Actually, it is a full fledge vacuum for keyboard that is created with a 5V USB outlet. This vacuum is cordless in design allowing you to carry and move with it around easily to wherever you want, to your workplace or home.

Our opinion is that it has exclusive debris suction quality making it a great choice as desk vacuum cleaner.

The most noticeable of its aspect is the design of this vacuum cleaner and that’s the best in between the whole list of our vacuum cleaners. Additionally , the device is quite lighter in weight and has a lot of colors option to suit your choice.

  • It is lighter in weight
  • It is portable
  • It is easy to carry
  • It is simple to use
  • It has a lot of color options
  • It has potential dust suction ability

  • It can quickly over heat

#3 Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA DataVAC Pro 4.5:

This of the computer vacuum cleaner is the cool option we mentioned. The reason behind its coolness is that it is usable as vacuum and a blower too. It enables you to clean out dust and dirt from mouse, keyboard, etc, besides, you can also clean the outer areas of your computer peripherals.

If you are hunting for the computer vacuum cleaning that is efficient in working along with low in cost then this is the best option you can go for.

Quick Features

  • It comes along with a bag
  • It provides dual functionality
  • It has a power cord
  • It acquires almost 19 inches of hose
  • Its weight is just 3 pounds

This is one of the most versatile computer vacuum cleaners that acquires a lot of great features and extra accessories. It allows you to use it as a handheld device and along with a support of strap. The accessories included with this vacuum are air pin pointer, crevice tools, and a 4 piece micro cleaning tool kit.

If you always want to clean your computer device from each and every point, then this is the best vacuum cleaner you can have.
Furthermore, the design of device is also attractive. It enables you to conveniently move it around. This is kind a device you can say all in one and comes with quite reasonable cost.

  • It is durable
  • It acquires a lot of accessories
  • It is easy to use
  • It has two years of warranty
  • It is stylish
  • It has a dual end for blower and vacuum

  • It rapidly gets heated
  • It generates annoying noise
  • It is corded

#4 Meco Rechargeable Mini Cordless Vacuum:

We all confirms a point that a computer vacuum cleaner always should be in smaller size. This will enable you to handle and extract the debris out easily from each of the toughest areas.

There could be nothing better and smaller than the Meco Rechargeable Mini Cordless Vacuum. This of the cordless vacuum has a powerful 200mAH battery. Its battery life is longer and makes it the best choice for use.

Quick Features

  • It is a cordless device
  • It is an easy to handle vacuum
  • Its weight is less than 1 pound
  • It is powerful
  • It comes with washable suction filters
  • Its battery is 2000mAH

When it comes to the features of this computer vacuum then they are a lot. It has a pair of nozzles and both of those has their own function. You can also use those nozzles together for getting rid of dust, debris, hair, crumbs, and all other dirty things out from your computer peripherals, especially keyboard. The power of suction for this vacuum is also more than average.

The best part of this device is that it is ultimately smaller in size. It lets you carry it around easily and you can use it wherever you want whether that’s your home or office. In regard to the features of this vacuum, it is the perfect piece you can buy.

  • It is lighter in weight
  • It is portable
  • It is sleek in design
  • It has an excellent power for dirt extraction
  • It has USB charging port
  • It is liable to use for all the computer peripherals

  • Its suction power is fine
  • Its design could be better

#5 Handheld Cordless Automotive Vacuum by HandyVac:

This is another lighter in weight option for the cleaning of your computer. This of the computer vacuum cleaner features in handheld, cordless, and rechargeable. It allows you to move it around wherever you want.

It comes with great suction power. Also, the looks of this device is great and the set of its features makes it exclusively best to choose.

Quick Features

  • It is handheld, cordless device, easy for moving it around
  • It has three nozzles that end up with ultimate functionality
  • Its weight is just 0.4 pounds
  • Its battery power is 2000mAH
  • It is made up of long lasting material

In regard to the nozzles of this vacuum, it has three nozzles having specific and respective use. Its brush nozzle is for cleaning the crumbs, the flat nozzle is for cleaning small particles that are tough to extract by other types of nozzles.

This is a cordless computer vacuum and its battery timing is also enough to make you clean your device easily. Another of its plus point is that, there are not yet any complains about the heating up of this device. In comparison to other computer vacuum cleaners, its battery take quite less time in charging.

If you want to have a durable and efficient working computer vacuum cleaning then this is the best option you should buy. Its cordless design makes it portable and move around with you.

  • It is pocket friendly
  • It is light in weight
  • It has long battery life
  • Its suction technology is quite potential
  • It does not make annoying noise
  • Its design is attractive

  • Its suction could be better

Considerable Points While Buying a Computer Vacuum Cleaner:

Yes the device here we mentioned are all the best from which you can buy. However, you may still find it tricky to choose the best device for your convenience. So that’s not something weird, its natural because you got a lot of options to select from.
Here mentioning the points you should consider while buying a computer vacuum cleaner.

These points will assist you in a way to narrow down your selection. These are actually the points that will make your buying selection easy and suitable for you.


The foremost thing is to know and evaluate your budget. Computer vacuum cleaners are available in quite vast price ranges. The price range differs whole according to the features, size and requirements you need in your computer vacuum cleaner.

In this regard, before deciding your budget, figure out your requirements. This will make you know the type of keyboard vacuum cleaner you will get in your figured budget. For instance, the cordless vacuum cleaners are more costly than the cord ones.

Cord or Cordless:

You also need to figure out what is your preference; you need the vacuum cleaner with the connection to cord or the one having no cord connection. Our recommendation to you is to go for the cordless design because this one never restricts you for the movements you make.

It allows you to move your vacuum cleaner everywhere you want with ultimate ease. However, with the cord design, there is always a risk while cleaning that your cord can get broken. So must consider this while investing your hard earned money because it’s all your preference.

Weight and Size:

Nowadays, the computer vacuum cleaner being the smallest in size still are as powerful as the bulky ones. So our recommendation is to go for the smaller of course because it gives you enough room for motion while you clean out the dust and debris out from your electronic device.

The smaller in size vacuum cleaner will enable you to clean from each of the tough corner in your device. But if you want the heavy duty and long lasting computer vacuum cleaner than you should opt for the one that is bigger in size and heavier in weight.

Types of Nozzles:

The vacuum cleaner that acquires a lot of nozzle options is a good option to choose. Even though, the device with multiple nozzles will be costly but it will give you a lot more with that.

Actually, multiple nozzles indicate the type of nozzles, such as brush nozzles, flat nozzles, tube nozzles, and much more. All these type of nozzles have their particular function. It would be best if you find the device having support for several nozzles because that can get used for several purposes. Such type of device would also get used for blowing air from the spots that are canned.

Vacuum Dirt Extraction Power:

Always make sure that the vacuum cleaner you are getting has enough potential to such all the stiff dust and dirt from all the tough areas. Regarding the power of vacuum, you also have to assure that the cordless vacuum cleaner got enough good capacity for battery. This means that, cordless ones batteries will last longer to allow you work easily.

Your computer vacuum cleaner should also acquire a potential dust and dirt filter that entirely clears out the debris from all the peripherals of your computer device.

Additional Accessories:

That’s obvious that additional features will make you spend additional cash but it will also give you additional ease in working and managing. If you want to have extra features then go for the two in one vacuum that will be a perfect go to option.

There are some vacuum cleaner that acquires extra micro cleaning tool kits that is liable to extract out the dust and debris from the corners you are unable to reach of your keyboard and computer.


Mostly devices are not inclined to offer warranty. But finding the device that comes with warranty to save you from accidental damages then this will be something great. Therefore, make sure to go for the device that offers you enough warranty that you can deal with.

Frequently Asked Questions – Regarding Computer Vacuum Cleaner:

Q1. How to clean the computer?

The best way to clean your computer is to use particular computer vacuum cleaner. This is the device that is particular created for the cleaning of computer peripherals from all sort of dirt and dust.

Q2. What is the considerable way to clean a keyboard?

The cleaning of computer keyboard is a tough task without opening it up. In this regard, you need a vacuum cleaner that such out all the dust and debris out from your keyboard without damaging it a bit. Using keyboard vacuum cleaner will always give you the best results possible.

Q3. How to clean a laptop keyboard?

Using a specialized keyboard vacuum cleaning is the most considerable option. it is because these are the devices created for cleaning all the dirt out from keyboards perfectly. This won’t require you to open up and also preven your device from getting jam or damage.

Q4. What is best, corded or cordless vacuum cleaner?

A cordless one is best option because it allows you to move it around with ultimate ease. It does not have any cord to limit your from space to space. If you want to move around and carry your computer vacuum then choose the cordless one.


These are all the things you should consider before buying a computer vacuum cleaner. After our through research we have given you detailed about each of our recommended product and its features to make choice easy for you.

if you are going to buy a computer cleaning vacuum then consider this buying guide once to make things simpler for you.

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