Best Central Vacuum Systems (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

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Talking about vacuum, many homeowners dislike the vacuums due to the extremely noisy environment while working with vacuums. If you have experienced the vacuum cleaners ever, you might know well that when vacuum cleaners are sweeping the house, it becomes extremely difficult for a person to listen to voices from the surrounding.

You cannot watch or hear the Television due to the high noise of the vacuum cleaner. It is the reason that vacuum cleaners are not sometimes the first choice regarding cleaning tools. If you receive any noise-free vacuum system, would you like to install it at your home? Of course, no one will deny that due to its reliable working and comfort style.

The central vacuum system is a bit different cleaning system. This article will describe the structure of a central vacuum system, benefits, and methods of installment. Additionally, it will also present the reviews on the best-selling central vacuums 2020.

Comparison of Top 9 Best Central Vacuum Systems

Detailed Review of Best Central Vacuum Systems

After a lot of research we have here gathered the list and details of  best central vacuum systems

We have also mentioned a detailed buyer guide that will help you in making a selection while you are at the shop. So let’s begin;

#1 Electrolux 4B-H403 Honeywell central Vacuum :

Features & Specifications:

  • This Honeywell central vacuum system is made up of heavy steel that makes this tool durable for a longer time.
  • Its HEPA filter not only cleans the air rather it is capable of self- cleaning. So you need not clean the filter by yourself. HEPA filter used in this vacuum is a permanent filter that does not require replacement after a fixed tenure.
  • It has a dual-stage motor of 13.7 Ampere while it has 500 air watts and 120 volts power unit.

This corded unit is the most suitable one due to its heavy-duty outer casing. If you are looking for the durable vacuum system – then it option can offer the best ever experience of self-cleaning. If work with the high performing machine capacity that saves cost as well as does not bother with the continues change of filters. The best choice for the small house, offices or apartments.

  • It covers only a small area to clean up to 3,000 feet only.
  • Some customer reviews have reported lower standard motors as they get burnt out soon.


#2 VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum:

Features & Specifications:

  • This wall-mounted vacuum cleaner consists of five feet of motor and 50 feet hose and other cleaning accessories. The most appealing specification is that it requires no plumbing during the installment of the vacuum cleaner rather it needs a bracket to support it on the wall.
  • Its 50 feet hose can be rotated to 360 degrees. Thus, the lengthy hose gets beneficial for cleaning the far areas.

Want to keep the place clean with high-performing vacuum cleaning system. Get the GV50PRO, wall mounted utility vacuum- completely as per customer requirement. It offers durable support and best coverage for the longer period of time. You do not need to get the maintenance or plumbing for maximum time period. Here are its exciting features & specifications:

  • This vacuum cleaner is unable to work with wet garbage and liquid dirt.


#3 Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum:

Features & Specifications:

  • This bagless model is ideal for cleaning purposes. It uses three levels of Micron and HEPA filters while sweeping a specific area. This Prolux central vacuum is the most suitable one for the larger houses and wide places to clean due to its powerful motor and vacuuming power.
  • It enables your home environment allergen-free. It is an ideal investment in the long run.

House cleaning is never so easy before the central vacuum system. You can enjoy the relax and easy cleaning solution after the one-time installation solution. Prolux CV12000 central cleaning system is perfect choice for the large house or offices as well. It is made up with durable and more sustainable motor support. The investment will offer long run benefits.

  • When airflow in its pipeline decreases, the sweeping power of the vacuum will get slow down.


#4 Electrolux PU3650 Quiet Clean Central Vacuum cleaner:

Features & Specifications:

  • It is lighter in weight as compared to other central cleaners, weighs approximately 27.4 pounds.
  • With such a lightweight it can clean a large area up to 8,000 square feet.
  • The HEPA filtration system is an ideal one that allows a satisfactory filtration as well as it is a self-cleaning filter. It allows you to put dirt bag inside in the bottom but that is optional.
  • Its dual-stage motor shows high performance while working.

Electrolux PU3650 is most feasible option to enjoy the perfect cleaning. It cleans the whole house quietly which makes it distinctive among other competitors. It is lighter in weight and cover larger cleaning area. You can experience the high performance motor working with the HEPA filtration system. Install this now and enjoy the long run cleaning benefits.

  • The motor of the quiet cleaner is sensitive to the temperature and manipulates the performance on even room temperature. To get motor efficiency, keep it at a comparatively cold temperature.


#5 PP500 Pure Power 500 Air Watts Central Vacuum Cleaner:

Features & Specifications:

  • Its compact size and an outer casing made up of steel and plastic give it an attractive look.
  • It has a high capacity to store the dust and dirt. It can have enough capacity to store nearly a few thousand gallons of dust in it.
  • Motor efficiency enables us to work within the range of 4000 square feet.
  • It is powered with 500 Air watts that increase the suction power of the cleaner.
  • This cleaner can create noise while working. The optimistic thing is that you can suppress the noise with its own suppression system. Work quietly without disturbing anyone in the surrounding.

PP500 is a compact size central air vacuum cleaner, offer the perfect dirt storage capacity. It comes up with the 500 air power that offer great dirt suction without creating a noise. No matter the place is huge and messy – you can get the best cleaning experience with this high performing central vacuum cleaner.

  • It requires cleaning nearly every 6 months to work efficiently.


#6 Steel Canadian Central Ultra Vacuum Cleaner:

Features & Specifications:

  • This Canadian made vacuum is made up of all steel thus avoids the unit to get corroded and rusted.
  • Its dual-stage motor that is called Ametek Lamb has the ability to clean up an area up to 7500 feet square.
  • There are many options to collect dirt and dust. You can use a disposable paper, a bag for filtering or metal pail. It has a high suction power.
  • Either your garbage is dry or wet, you remain to worry less. As wet garbage will not affect the temperature of the unit or work efficiency.

Steel Canadian central ultra-vacuum cleaner offer the best cleaning experience. It is made up with the durable steel body that make it compatible for longer period. It is available with the highly proficient motor capacity – that can clean up the long covered area. You can attach a portable disposal bag with the vacuum. So, add this cleaning system at your place and enjoy the ultimate cleaning experience.

  • It might create noise in the surroundings while cleaning operations go on. Noise can be reduced to a minimal level by using mufflers.


#7 NuTone PP650 Central Vacuum System:

Features & Specifications:

  • Its HEPA filtration system allows the home environment fresh and allergen-free.
  • Its motor with 650 air watts power can work efficiently leaving no dirt particles indoor.
  • The distinguishing feature is that you can decide among two models with bag and bagless models in the same central vacuum cleaner.
  • This NuTone cleaner is ideal to sweep an area of nearly 9000 square feet.
  • Its ultra-quiet technology enables a noise-free cleaning job.

Vacuum system with the HEPA filtration technology is more compatible and offer ease to enjoy the best cleaning experience. Have NuTone PP650 central cleaning system for the house or office and enjoy the noise less house cleaning. You can use the portable dust bag or select the model come up with the bag to collect the dust and garbage. The highly protective and supportive investment that stand for longer period of time.

  • Its bag less model may offer difficulty to collect the dust and garbage quickly.


#8 H-P Products 9880 Dirt Devil central vacuum system :

Features & Specifications:

  • Highly efficient and powerful motor, support 11.7 Amps current with the 501 Air Watts.
  • Offer the noise-less cleaning solution with highly efficient cleaning system.
  • It is made up with the durable metal body that keep it strong and continue working for longer period of time.
  • It is highly light in weight and compact in size. You can have the cleaning system with 14lbs weight with 1-gallon dust or garbage storage capacity.
  • Offer the 100CFM air flow that make it highly desirable choice to suck the dust quickly.
  • HEPA filtration bag is easy to install and remove. Moreover, offer the easy access to clean up and collect the dust and allergens particles.
  • Comes up with exclusive tools that offer support to clean multiple surfaces like floor, rugs, matts or much more.

Are you interest in the best vacuum system with high performing technology? Get the H-P 9880, most durable and highly efficient device to clean the home, office or any other commercial property. It is made up with durable material that can protect the machine from overheating. Its metal body keep it stand for longer period. It is easy to install and clean as well. with HEPA filtration bag you can keep the place clean and hygienic. The best cleaning solution for the home or the large covered area.

  • Due to metal body the chances of heating up are higher while using for longer period.


#9 Imperium CV300 central vacuum system :

Features & Specifications:

  • The cleaner offer the best motor support with 15Amps power suction and 740 watts Air flow to clean all dust and dirt easily.
  • It offers maximum coverage for the large area to clean up. You can install and clean the area up to 7500 sq. ft.
  • Vacuum is available with the minimum garbage storage capacity up to 6.25 gallons. It offers comfort and save you from the plumbing and maintenance cost over the vacuum.
  • It motor is high durable, strong and proficient in working. Moreover, it is 5.7 inch in size that offer ultra-sucking and thru air flow. You can enjoy the best ever cleaning experience.

Are you interest in more powerful central vacuum system? CV300 by Imperium offer the powerful motor with Air watts’ suction experience. It considered the best product to enjoy the ultimate cleaning of the place with high performance and power. the vacuum offers the maximum garbage storage capacity that reduce the regular maintenance or plumbing cost.

The durable material in manufacturing made it suitable to stand long for years without any damage or destruction. So, have the ease and comfort with best cleaning experience by installing the high performing vacuum cleaner.

  • It creates noise during the cleaning operation that can cause the disturbance.


Misconceptions about the Central Vacuuming system:

A greater misconception about the central vacuums is that they require tearing off the walls and restructuring the house at a greater level while installment of the vacuum. It is not true. You just need to install it under the floor, from the attic, and many other ways to retrofit.

Why do people prefer portable vacuum cleaners? The reason is that many homeowners are unknown about this central technology of the vacuuming. Many of you might have heard this term first time. Usually, people consider the portable vacuum cleaners the only choice.

Structural Features of Central Vacuum System:

Various brands of central vacuums are available. Many vacuum manufacturers offer unique technology and services through their tech sweeping tools. Some services are given as under:

Electric Heads:

Electric heads are the strongest accessory that vacuum holds. The electric heads can utilize the power of the central vacuum in the best manner.


Some central vacuums are retractable and avoid scratches and marks on the wooden floors while sweeping.

Other sweeping accessories:

Upholstery brushes, beater bar brushes specially designed for the carpets. Central vacuums by several manufacturers offer miscellaneous services and accessories. Like collection canisters are available with different capacities. Dust canisters are available in bagged or bagless models. Some have awesome sweeping quality as they drain all debris, dust, and garbage with the floor weeping accessories.

Benefits of approaching Central vacuum System:

A central vacuum is far better than a portable vacuuming system. Some of its distinctive characteristics are given as under that can better describe you the appealing factors:


The central vacuum system is surprisingly quiet as compared to portable vacuum cleaners. When you switch to portable vacuum cleaners, there is just random noise in the surrounding. On the contrary to it, central vacuums only cause a little ignorable noise.

Environment friendly:

Central vacuum systems are generally environment free. Unlike portable vacuum cleaners, central vacuums extract garbage and dust out of the living area to the basement or garage into the central unit. Later on, all garbage is thrown outside the house. It enables the house environment dust-free and allergen-free.

Easy to handle:

Now say goodbye to all additional attachments that you have to carry on with you while using a vacuum cleaner. A central vacuum is superb to use. Just take the stick handled vacuum head and start sweeping the house. Anyone can learn it easily.

Deep cleaning:

A vacuum cleaner is an ideal tool for deep cleansing of the house. Either you want to pin out tiny hair, pet fur, threads, and other particles or you want to reach in the edgy corners of the house, under the furniture or any tough area, in each case, you will find the central vacuum the most suitable one.

Upgrades your lifestyle:

It is a versatile cleaning tool. It upgrades your lifestyle in various ways. It may give a cleaner and organized look to your home ever. With the central cleaning systems, you can upgrade the home, office or commercial property into next level.

A long term investment:

Unlike portable vacuum cleaners, you need not replace it after some time. It is a wear-resistant tool. When you decide to sell out your house, you will get back your installment money and investments on the central vacuum system. The central vacuum system values your money.

Better performance comparatively:

Central systems of vacuuming are more reliable and provide validated performance. It has a large capacity for garbage. Moreover, it offers the quick sucking technology that can clean up the place with high performance system.

Working Principle of Central Vacuum System:

The Central vacuum System is based on a motor, collector, hose, and associated inlet valves. Inlet valves are installed based on the width and square foot area. For instance, 3 inlets are enough for a 3000 square foot house. A single inlet receptacle allows a 30 feet vacuum hose to clean at least 3 rooms.

The most important hardware is the vacuum hose that must reach in every corner of the house. Inlet valves are installed within the interior walls, or in the foot base of floors or any other place, you find the most suitable one. When you start cleaning the house, the garbage and dust are drained through a hose to the collector. It has a large capacity to store the garbage and later on that is thrown out of the house. While vacuuming process, you need not worry about the batteries of the cleaner to run short or switch off or on the cord of the cleaner.

Is every house suitable for the installation of the Central vacuum systems?

Central vacuums are the best suitable for the houses that are under construction. Another suitable situation maybe when the walls are remodeled to renovate the house. But the houses that are already constructed, they need a bit remodeling in the walls and floor to install the pipes and cords of the vacuuming system.

Which size is right for the house?

When you decide to purchase a central vacuum system, you should know about the required size of the vacuum or power system for your house. While talking about the size, it is the size of the power system that matters. Several models with different designs and prices are available in the market. Airpower and hose power are considered among the price increasing features of vacuuming tools. But these tools do not guarantee high suction power. Water lifting capacity is the actual measure of the vacuum that indicates the suction power. How much a central vacuum has the ability of water lifting?

When you are confused while selecting the right vacuuming technology, you need to focus on the following factors:

  • Price of the vacuum
  • Services the vacuum brand offers
  • Warranty period- that should be flexible
  • Suction power

Besides, the above-mentioned features of a vacuum, you should see the tech item in your budget range. Today’s tech market work on the quote, “The more you spend, the more you get”.


The above-mentioned facts reveal that central vacuum cleaners have not only quiet cleaning technology rather some of the brands offer the advanced technology of filtration as well. An old misconception is popular that central vacuum cleaners require more space and tough to handle in the small houses especially.

But there is a great variety of vacuums available for larger or smaller spaces. Some manufacturers have portable central vacuum systems that require only a compact and smaller space to install. Not all vacuum cleaners require the floors and walls to tear off before the installation of the vacuum cleaner.

But while choosing for the best central vacuum cleaner for the house or office – it is important to look for the features. It helps to make an appropriate choice. no doubt it is a hectic or technical decision – but here the reviews about the top vacuum cleaning system offer a guidance to choose the appropriate one for your place. Install the high quality and performing machine and enjoy a peaceful and hassle free cleaning experience for years.