Top 10 Best Ash Vacuums Reviews 2020 [Comparison and Buyer’s Guide]

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Have you ever organized a BBQ dinner party or if you have a fireplace at your home? then surely you cannot make these areas completely clean.

No problem if a person smokes a lot and all his home carpets are full of cigarette ash. Science has made a lot of incredible products to facilitate mankind.

Ash vacuums are one of its technological inventions that are highly recommended to clean ash. Cleaning ash from floor furniture, carpets, and the garden is not easy, especially when you have not the right tool.

Well, personally, I was stuck in ash cleaning at my home, so I have found a range of best ash vacuum cleaners in order to research and experiment.

After me, how can I forget you? When I really have awesome results and great output, then I decided to share this range to you.

For me, cleaning ash is always being boring, but now I would like to thank some imported brands who have introduced the best ash vacuum cleaners.

Through these cleaners, you can simply cook BBQ dishes at your garden and can clean its ash quickly. Nonetheless, let read my bellow review article and make yourself wonder!

Here I have brought “top ten best ash vacuum cleaners of the year 2020.” Each product is highly recommended for ash cleaning and caring lot of advanced features.

For gaining your faith, I have shared some pros and cons of each vacuum; this way you can easily rely on a product. Some top-rated and goggled frequently asked questions are also added at the end of this review article.

Don’t forget about the buying that I have made, especially for you. So, let’s get started with the top pick.

Comparison of Top 10 Best Ash Vacuums Cleaners

We have listed the best-bagged vacuum for ash vaccums that lets you to have clean and healthy home or place.

Here is a comparison between the top five selected vacuum cleaners in the list:

Detailed Review of Best Ash Vacuums

Welcome to our detailed review on ash vacuum section. We are going to compare best vacuum for ash and guide you about which one is good, bad and what should you expect from each vacuum for picking up hair.

We will start with number one pick, each vacuum here is incredible.

#1 ASHJ201 4.8 Gallon 4 Amp:

Quick Features

  • Ash capacity 4.8 gallon
  • Motor 4amp
  • Dual filtration system available
  • 3.9 feet hose length
  • 11.8 in nozzle
  • 8.8 lbs weight

Our first picked vacuum is made by a sunjoe electrical company. It always creates cleaning tools for outdoor and indoor places, for example vacuum cleaners, ash vacuum cleaners, and snow cleaners.

The name of this ash cleaner by sun joe is “Ashj201 vacuum cleaner.” This cleaner is an example of incredibility and technology.

It comes in versatile designing, and it is proficient to pick cold ash from wooden stoves, fireplaces, pellet stoves, fire grills, and fire pits. This ash cleaner is very easy to use. The refillable fine dust cartridge filter is available to resist ash clogging in the motor.

The dual filtration system is enough to filter ash without remaining any dust in a vacuum. The company has made this ash cleaner vacuum with a 4amp powered motor that requires 500 watts to suction.

It gently comes with 8.5 feet lengthy hose that is enough to clean extra-long fireplaces. The company confirmed sunjoe ash vacuum cleaner’s durability, whether its output.

You may have this cleaner as both offline and online resources.


  • Well made
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to carry
  • Power full motor
  • Multi-use vacuum cleaner
  • Having large canister

  • Looks ordinary
  • Quite heavy
  • Not available globally


#2 PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum:

Quick Features

  • 13 lbs weighted vacuum
  • Warm ash capable
  • All metal construction
  • Clog resistant
  • Powerful 10 Amp motor
  • 3 gallon capacity
  • Ash level indicator
  • Noise-free
  • 16 feet long cord

Powersmith is a well-known brand that always invents something cool and convenient for customers. A recent invention by this famous brand is “PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum.”

The company has made this ash cleaner with all appropriate features, while the designing of powersmith ash vacuum is highly recommended for picking both cool and warm ashes. You may easily use this vacuum for cleaning your fireplace, wooden stoves, metal stoves, pellet stoves, and BBQ type all grills.

I think these types of fire spots are hard to clean but say hello powersmith that has made this vacuum. Further it has a removable and washable fire-resistant filter system. Through this filter system you can easily clean all dirt and debris after its use.

Mainly it comes with 3 gallon capacity of ash; now make yourself ready and clean your fire areas with this stylish vacuum by powersmith.Wonderfully this vacuum comes with a heat hardy metal canister and metal hose.

Now use this vacuum without any hesitation and perform all your urgent ash cleaning tasks. Certainly, it is quite simple and noise-free vacuum cleaner that has designed with 10 Amp motor.

Powersmith provides additional accessories in this vacuum cleaner, including casters and 16 feet cord. Over this lengthy cord, everyone can use it even for outdoor areas. Often people buy and use this cleaner as regular shop vacuums.

The price is very negotiable so, don’t worry about the money and have this convenient cleaner today.

Further powersmith ash vacuum cleaner has a metal nozzle with a brush turbo nozzle, one filter, two straight extension wands, and a wheeled base. Now this wheeled based vacuum is really amazing that could be locomotive easily.

  • Durability confirmed
  • Warm ash capability
  • Easy to move
  • Simple use
  • Most affordable cleaner
  • Well made

  • Not recommended for heavy ash

  • Sometime get extra hot due to fire

  • Not available globally


#3 Cheetah Ash Vacuum:

Quick Features

  • Capable to suck cool and warm ash
  • 14.5 lbs weight
  • Metal flex hose
  • Metal nozzle
  • Dual filtration system
  • Requires 116 voltages

The most beautiful ash vacuum is presented by dust technologies manufacturers. It is an American based company that always tries to invent something especial for us. The name of this wonderfully designed vacuum cleaner is “cheetah ash vacuum.”

Cheetah ash vacuum has imported quality, and it can be used for all type of ashes, including cool and warm. Unfortunately, this cleaner is not recommended for picking hot coals and hot ash so, be careful about its use.

Further total weight of cheetah ash vacuum is about 14.5 lbs, while some included items with Cheetah Ash Vacuum are; 5′ Metal Flex Hose, Metal Nozzle, Inner Filter, and Outer Filter. The power source of this cleaner is an electric cord, and no more batteries required for its function.

This vacuum has a patented filter system, which is specially designed for filtering the finest dust particles. This filter system is easy to clean all the way. You may simply clean it without opening all the units. It needs about 116 voltages to get started, and once it starts, then no other cleaner can beat its suction.

According to people’s compliments, the cheetah is absolutely recommended for all types of stoves such as wooden, metallic, pellet stoves, indoor fireplaces, BBQ’s and many similar. The entire cleaner is designed with metal so, it can easily resist fire components to get in.

  • Easy to use
  • Simple designing
  • Great results
  • Looks awesome
  • Dual filtration system
  • Capable to suck cool and warm ash

  • Not available every where

  • Nor recommended for picking hot coals and hot ash

  • Quite heavy


#4 Vacmaster, VQ607SFD Stainless Steel ash vacuum cleaner:

Quick Features

  • Stainless steel tank
  • Best for sucking both dry and wet ash
  • Versatile Multi-Floor Nozzle
  • On-Board Organization
  • Top Handle Design
  • Large Drain Port

I think the vacmaster has no more need for any introduction because it has made several kinds of electrical tools. This brand actually works for our betterment and always wants to make us help. Well, recently vacmaster has introduced an incredible ash vacuum cleaner that has all advanced features.

By putting all the features ahead, I have especially included this vacuum cleaner on my list. The name of this well-made vacuum is “Vacmaster, VQ607SFD Stainless Steel ash vacuum cleaner.” This cleaner is such a fine vacuum that has (6 gallons) great ash capacity.

The ash tank is made with stainless steel means the brand does not make any compromise on the durability. The Vacmaster vacuum is greatly designed with 3 peak hours of power motor. This vacuum has a top handle design, which is easy to grip. Anyways get ready for wet/dry ash cleaning tasks with a vacmaster vacuum.

Now you can put all vacuum accessories in it because the designers have made this vacuum with the onboard accessory storage system. Often ordinary vacuums are not dust sealed. That is why they see technicians face soon, but congratulations! Vacmaster stainless vacuum is made with a dust seal.

Additionally, this advanced ash vacuum comes with a locking hose system; means now no more risk of tangles and damage. The company has recommended this vacuum for carpets and bare floors due to its multi-floor nozzle system.

Lastly, it has a large draining point through; you can easily make this cleaner empty within a few seconds. Never think about the price because this modern vacuum is absolutely affordable.

  • Durability guaranteed
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to move
  • Easy to empty
  • Multi floor usage
  • Excellent results
  • Looks awesome
  • Affordable for every one

  • Not suggested for hot ash

  • Sometimes wheels get stuck

  • Not available globally


#5 Cougar+ Ash Vacuum:

Quick Features

  • Clean Filters Without Opening The Vacuum
  • Quieter, Powerful Motor
  • Convenient Carry Handle
  • Including 9 pieces tool kit
  • Convenient Carry Handle
  • Clean filters without removing the lid
  • Flame resistant for safe removal of warm ash
  • Power source is electric cord

Let us have our 5th selected ash vacuum of the year 2020. This ash cleaner is desperately designed by loveless brand. May you have heard this name before? Undoubtedly this brand is foremost for designing fire use products.

Newly it made an ideal ash vacuum that is a caring lot of convenient features. The name of this super cool ash vacuum is “Cougar+ Ash vacuum.” Often people compliment that they have never ever used this type of ash vacuum before.

It looks robust and having positive reviews always by people. Similar to the vacmaster, Cougar ash vacuum is also recommended only of warm and cool ash, not hot wash/coals. The company offers 9 convenient accessories kit with one drawstring carry bag.

A lot of ordinary ash cleaners are not able to suck fine ash particles, but the cougar is well designed with a patented filter system. This filter system is cable to clean large ash particles or small wooden pieces without any risk.

No more batteries are required for cougar; it even needs 116 voltages to work. Black colors make this cleaner more attractive, and the price of a cougar is not negotiable.

Cougar is fully constructed with metal, and it can resist all fire components to get in the vacuum. The company suggested this vacuum for professional usage, and it is absolutely ideal for all ash places like; wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, BBQ’s parties, Corn Stoves, Wheat Stoves, and Biofuel Stoves.

  • Professional recommended product
  • Robust looks
  • Sturdiness confirmed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Well designed
  • Gives great out put

  • Not available globally

  • Not affordable for every

  • Not recommended for hot coal and ash


#6 Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum:

Quick Features

  • Ash capacity 5 gallons
  • 4 hours power peak
  • 85 (CFM) air flow
  • 50 inches water pressure (sealed)
  • Cord length 10 feet
  • Rare blower port available
  • Swiveling casters are available
  • Sturdy handle

Stanley machines are highly recommended for indoor use. Even this brand is always covering major parts of the markets. Our picked ash vacuum by Stanley is named “Stanley wet/dry vacuum.” by name; everyone can easily conceptualize that this vacuum can be used for both dry and wet ashes.

Stanley vacuum is designed with a larger capacity ash tank, which can merely clean 22 ltrs of ash. This cleaner is very easy to clean by ash. After completing work, it makes a small breeze and keeps empty itself quick.

4 peak hours power motor is a wonderful feature of this vacuum because through this motor, now you can clean up your indoor and outdoor ash places like; Jobsite, vehicle, garage, workshop, van, basement, garden BBQ area, house carpets, etc.

No matter if your dirty place is quite wet or too much dry; Stanley vacuum will clean it anyways. This cleaner is not cleans ash only, but this cleaner is able to cleaner other debris, also like dust, saw blow leaves and threads, etc.

You just have to organize its blower port, hose, and power cord with a handle then start your operation for your desired work. The company has designed this vacuum with side wraps that are most convenient and easy to use.

Totally this cleaner comes with 16 feet (cleanup), because it has 6 feet long hose and 10 feet long power cord with three pieces of its extension wands. By heaving all these long hoses, Stanley is able to clean extremely far.

There is no need to worry about the tangle and to unplug by having its 4 swivel casters. All these casters are highly convenient and easy to move. Further, Stanley provides a lot of useful tools with this cleaner.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Most convenient vacuum for multiple use
  • Looks great
  • Simple to move
  • Highly recommended for wet/dry ash
  • No more risk of tangling and unplugging
  • Best for outdoor use
  • Affordable for everyone

  • Not available globally

  • Quite noisy cleaner

  • Quite heavy


#7 Shop-Vac 4041200 Ash Vacuum Cleaner:

Quick Features

  • 13 pounds weight
  • Requires 120 voltages
  • 5 gallon ash capacity
  • Availability of HEPA filter
  • Electric cord
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Imported quality
  • Thermal protective system
  • Dual filtration system

Shop-vac presents an admirable and superfast vacuum cleaner that especially vacuums ash. Through this vacuum, now everyone is able to clean their fireplaces in all types of seasons. The name of this far-fetched ash vacuum is “shop-vac ash vacuum cleaner.”

This clear is made as nullify with imported quality materials. You can use these cleaners in your indoor and outdoor fireplaces such as; BBQ grills, wooden stoves, metallic stoves, concrete fireplaces, and many more.

The most admirable feature of this ash vacuum is its HEPA filter. This filter is amazing that resists ultra-fine dust particles and stop clogging. Now organize a BBQ dinner party at your home without having an ashy mess. Thermal protective is also given in shop-vac vacuums, which makes this cleaner as a user-friendly cleaner.

Strong vinyl is covered flexibly on the metal lock hose with metal intake nozzle. The metal screen filter is having 3 ply coat and aluminum deflector. The double filtration system is available that actually resist ash from discarding out of the exhaust.

The shop-vac vacuum is absolutely stainless means no more tension for the durability. This cleaner looks like a small tank that has made for ash picking. It can smoothly clean ash from carpets, floor, and garden grass and pellet stoves also.

As this cleaner has stainless steel quality so, never pick hot coal or ash by this; otherwise, it will become too hot. Total tank capacity is 5 gallons approximately that can carry ash. There are no batteries required for a shop-vac cleaner; by having only 120 voltages, this vacuum can perform multiple tasks.


  • Durability complete
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to assemble
  • Recommended for both indoor/out ash
  • Gives best results
  • Well-made
  • Affordable ash vacuum
  • Not suggested for hot ash/coal
  • Not available globally
  • Small size


#8 Dustless Technologies D0015 Pit Hawg Ash Vacuum:

Quick Features

  • Wide Metal Nozzle
  • Clean Filters Without Opening The Unit
  • No Ash Exhausted
  • Thermal Shut Off
  • Warm Ash Capable
  • HEPA filter
  • Wire brush for hardened ash with adapter
  • Straight metallic nozzle
  • 13 lbs weight

(Dustless technologies) The company always designs products, especially for dusting. Recently we have seen an innovative type of invention by this brand that has been made for cleaning ash. Yes! Here I’m talking about “Pit hawg ash vacuum cleaner” that has been designed by dustless technologies.

Pit hawg is a modern invention that has been especially used as a BBQ accessory. This ash vacuum is working ideally and best for picking small charcoals. You may evenly use this cleaner for smoking areas, pellet grills, fire pits, huge outdoor ovens, and pizza oven.

With the help of Pit Hawg, you may easily have an ash-free mess within a short time. The company has made this vacuum with a dual filtration system that has all HEPA filter features. Now clean ash without any worry of exhaust clogging.

Further, it has flame resistant filter also that captures luminous particles of ash and resists them systematically. On the top of pit Hawg, you may have a filter cleaning button, though we can clean its entire tank from the ash quickly.

Dustless has superiorly manufactured this vacuum with fire-resistant components; means now you can quickly pick warm ash without being it to cold. This way you can perform all your urgent cleaning tasks. This picked ash could be stored in this vacuum for the seven days approximately.

Dustless offers lot extra tools with this ash vacuum, such as its wire brush. By using its wire brush, we can remove hard-bitten ash from stoves/ovens. The main handle of pit hawg is absolutely convenient, which offers you easy movement.

Not only for indoor use, but the dustless vacuum is highly recommended for commercial use also. It will keep all types of your stoves clean. Often people use this cleaner for BBQ restaurants.

  • Most convenient vacuum
  • Suggested for commercial use
  • Looks good
  • Durability guaranteed
  • Capable for picking hot ash

  • Normal size

  • Not suggested for prolong use

  • Not available globally

  • No wheeling


#9 DeWALT DXV10P wet dry vacuum:

Quick Features

  • Cord wrap available
  • Waterproof switch
  • Hose strap
  • 7’x 1-7/8” inches long hose
  • Detachable accessories bag
  • 17/8” vacuum port
  • 360 degree rotatory wheeling system
  • Two extention wands
  • Cartidridge filter
  • Dust bag available
  • Floor, utility, cervices nozzles are given

Dewalt is the world’s best manufacturers that always make innovative machines for daily use. “Dewalt wet dry vacuum” is its recent invention that got a lot of popularity by its advanced features. It is actually a vacuum machine that especially made for picking ash for different areas.

This vacuum is specialized as 3 in 1 featured ash cleaning machine; because it has been made with 10 gallons bigger ash tank. This cleaner has 5.5 peaks HP quite motor that make its suction best and noise-free.

The material quality and the designing durability are two times longer than any other ordinary vacuum cleaner. The designers of Dewalt have unbelievably designed this cleaner with a dust cartridge filter for picking tiny dry debris and wet dust particles.

Surely picking small wet materials and strong particles is not easy, but Dewalt gives full convenience. Ordinary vacuums are heavy and not easy to carry, while Dewalt wet dry vacuum is made with a sturdy handle through you can easily carry this vacuum.

It has a large waterproof on/off switch; it actually offers safe and quick access to this cleaner. The power cord is having the best quality plastic, whether the accessory organized bag is also helpful for organizing tools.

Further, it has a swiveling caster that gives you proper ease for movement. Now, just make your plan and take your Dewalt wet dry vacuum as per your need.

Swiveling casters provide great easiness for locomotion. You can simply move this cleaner in any direction, while the drainage-tank makes its draining easy.

  • Looks awesome
  • Full sturdiness
  • Quality material used
  • Easy to move
  • Simple to use
  • Great suction
  • Highly recommended

  • Hose could be damage after sometime

  • Feels noisy often


#10 TACKLIFE 800W 2 in 1 multi functioned Ash Vacuum:

Quick Features

  • 800 Watt power machine
  • Require 120 Voltage V/60HZ
  • Vacuity level ≥15 Kpa
  • Capacity level 5 Gallon
  • Capable to clear ashes up to 104°F(40°C)
  • Flexible Hose length 3.9 feet Dia 1.44 inch
  • Aluminum Nozzle (9.84 inch)
  • 16 feet Power Cable Lengthy

Our last but not least, ash vacuum is the most affordable vacuum, which is a caring lot of functioning features. This vacuum is recently launched by TACKLIFE manufacturers. The name of this last ash vacuum is “tacklife multi-functioned ash vacuum cleaner.”

This one is our last picked product, which is highly affordable for everyone. Generally, this machine is an upgraded version of the last Tacklife’s vacuum cleaner. Now it comes with a non –woven filter belt that makes its motor secure from clogging.

In this one cleaner, we have two specific features that are suction and blowing. The filter system is easy to wash and quick to remove; even this filter works great as fire-resistant. The company gave 800-watt power noise-free with it, which can simply suck over 15 Kpa, respectively.

Tacklife’s ash vac is such a great example of affordability and quality. Its metallic canister and metallic hose are heat resistant. This cleaner is specially designed for picking cold ash from burners, ovens, stove pallets, fireplaces, and BBQ grills, etc.

Hose designing of tacklife vac machine is very convenient through you can perform a lot of difficult tasks. Now make yourself ready for cleaning your fireplaces in winters and have some joy. Tacklife provides a user manual with it, which will help you out to use and assemble it quickly.


  • Great power
  • Affordability confirmed
  • Easy to use
  • Looks great
  • Convenient product
  • Super flexible hose

  • Not available every where
  • Quite hard to move
  • Not capable for picking hot coal particles
  • Durability not confirmed sometimes


Buying guide for Ash vacuum cleaner:

Undoubtedly by using an ash vacuum cleaner, you may have clean fireplaces, stoves, and BBQ grills from dirty ash. Sometimes ash may disturb you while cooking. Even sometimes, ash particles can make a bigger mess and that is not good actually. Well, avoid all types of unpleasant conditions and buy an ash vacuum cleaner; but the wait please!

There are some key aspects that you must have to follow before buying this machine. Let us see what should be considering;

Long and sturdy power cord:

Not only an ash vacuum’s but every type of vacuum must have to be designed with a long and strong power cord. It is only why, by having a long power cord, a user can easily cover some distance and can complete its cleaning without any worry.

Long hose:

After the power cord, the hose of machines should also be long; because a long hose of vacuum actually offers you convenient cleaning. After ash suction, a vacuum becomes heavy and hard to move, but if your hose is long, then you will still have your comfort zone.

Heat resist and metallic designing:

May you have some plastic made ash vacuums? I must never rely on any type of machine, especially for as vacuuming. Metal is the only right choice for ash vac machines because it gives durability with heat resistance.

Wheeling base:

Wheels are always best for the source of movement. Wheeling base is most important for vacuum machines. No problem where you have to clean your stove; if your vacuum can move easily, then you will move it by wheels. After suction ash vacuum becomes heavier sometimes, but through wheels, you can easily move it to your dustbin.

Powerful and noise-free motors:

A powerful and bigger motor is also essential for an ash vacuum’s quality. Obviously, a powerful motor will do a great job instead of a small-sized. Try to buy a good quality vacuum that has a noise-free motor; otherwise, it may give you a headache during suction.

Frequently Asked Questions – Regarding Ash Vacuums:

Q1. Can I use my ash vacuum machine for dust?

Well, you can, but you don’t have to do this kind of job through an ash vacuum cleaner. It is only why ash vacuums are specially designed for sucking ash particles. These machines can suck dust and sand particles also, but they are fine suction would be preferred for ash and coal particles only.

After all, there is a difference between ash and dust. By using an ash vacuum for dust/sand, the filtration system may misbehave or get damage.

Q2. Do I need to change any filter?

It all depends on the machine that you have bought for your ash cleaning. A lot of vacuums come with removable and washable filters, while some have fixed filters. Removable filters are highly recommended because these filters can be clean after completing suction quickly. This way, you can reuse them after every wash.

Q3. Can I use vacuumed as again?

Yes, you can. Vacuumed ash has many purposes for use just like;
       • Can be used for metal polish
       • Reduces meat odor
       • Best of pump up calcium plants
       • It can melt jammed ice
       • Best for controlling pond algae


An ash vacuum cleaner is also a type of vacuum cleaning machine. It has excellent suction power to pick ash particles from multiple stoves, fireplaces, palates, etc.

These machines are mostly come with a noise-free motor and dual filtration system. A good quality machine should have to be removable and washable.

Above, we have selected “top ten best ash vacuum cleaning machines of this year 2020.” Each and every machine has advanced features and designed well.

If you really want to get help to buy the right machine for your indoor/outdoor ash cleaning tasks, then you must have to read above.